Sunday, February 1, 2015

Change is in the Air

2014 was a very busy year.

Jadon struggled in 6th grade, but closed out his 2nd semester in a strong way. Tristan finished 5th grade at the top of his class. Jadon continued doing very well with his trumpet playing but ultimately decided not to pursue it going in to 7th grade.

I got season tickets to the Cougs for the first time this year, it was awesome! We went to 7 total games, I've never gone to so many in one year before.

The biggest change in my life happened in May, I made the decision to end things with my long time fiancee Samantha. There are a lot of personal reasons I had for doing this, she's a great person, we got a long great which made things difficult, but ultimately the "relationship" side of things had been struggling for years.

It was an extremely difficult decision, but I decided it was for the best for myself, my boys and for her. I made the decision to wait until the boys left for the summer so that we could hash out the details while they were away. When the time came I did speak to her about it right when I wanted to. We both handled the conversations very well, but I know I was hurting her, and I was very unsure of myself and nervous about it all, I chickened out after a couple of days and agreed to keep trying.

This was a huge mistake, unfortunately I had really checked out of the relationship in May, not even really interested in continuing to try, after a couple more months went by, I think it became clear to Samantha that I wasn't trying. She came home one night in late September and started asking me questions about our relationship, by the end of that conversation it was pretty much official, we were broken up.

It was strained at first, then kind of blew up in our faces 2-3 weeks into the breakup. The ultimate result is, I don't think she and I can be friends anymore. I know she loves the boys and the boys love her, I want to encourage them to maintain a friendship, but I won't facilitate it.

Money has been very very tight, I will definitely have to move into a less expensive place soon.

Jadon has had a very strong first semester as a 7th grader. I haven't gotten his report card yet, but I believe it is all As and Bs, he may have one C+ on there though, great improvement over last year, I think he has improved so much.

Tristan picked the Saxophone for 6th grade band, he seems to really enjoy it. He sounds good while practicing, but unfortunately his first concert was cancelled due to his band teacher being ill. I think the differences between elementary school and middle school have thrown Tristan off his game, his grades have been really really poor, its gotten way out of hand. The last 6 weeks of school have been very hard for him as he has tried to bring his grades up. He has put some work in, and we will see how well he did once I get his report card.

Tristan played tackle football for the first time this year, he loved it. Unfortunately his season ended early when he got a knee injury during practice. He got to meet Cougar receiver Vince Mayle who had a tremendous senior year, hopefully he will move on to the pros and have a great career representing the crimson and grey. Tristan is psyched to play 7th grade football as an LMS Spartan!

There is a shit load of stuff I am probably leaving out, its been 13 months since my last blog so I am kind of just hitting the high notes.

Which bring me to some rather big news, saving the best for last :-). Its not really news to my family and friends, just news to my blog itself. I have found an amazing woman.

Her name is Tawni. I guess I should start off by telling you how we met. I met her on Myspace 6 years ago! We planned our first date on Valentines Day 2009! It did not turn out very well though, dating was still new and I was a wreck because my grandma was passing away in the hospital, no excuses though, the date was one misstep after another. Sounds like she has been telling her friends all about it for the last 6 years as a great example of a bad date lol.

We did not stay in touch all this time, we don't even use MySpace anymore lol. Facebook recommended her as a potential friend, turns out we have a couple mutual friends on there, I thought it was kind of cool, a blast from my past, so I added her and we started chatting and catching up. It was kind of weird, considering how bad our date had been.

After I became single again, we kept chatting and expressed interest in giving this a second shot. I never could have guessed that I would get a chance to redeem myself, but we have now been dating for 4 months (in a few days at least) and it has been so amazing.

Tawni is incredible, she is beautiful, smart, funny, creative, down to earth, loving, competitive and just plain amazing in every way. I have fallen head over heels in love with her and look forward to an amazing future with her.

Everything happens for a reason, we clearly weren't ready for each other 6 years ago. We've gone through a lot since then. Now, I couldn't ask for a better woman to live out my days with. She is everything I want in a woman and somehow she is also everything I needed. I just hope that I can fill her life with as much love and happiness as she has been giving to me

She has an amazing daughter named Calista who is 12 years old, about 13 months younger than Jadon, 5 months older than Tristan. They all get along great, they've all 3 acted like brothers and sisters from the first time they met.

We have decided to take our first big step towards that future, we are moving into our first place together this month. We found an amazing place at a great price, moving day can't get here soon enough!

We have several fun trips to Seattle planned soon, after moving has calmed down a bit. The boys are starting their second semester of the school year and I am hoping they start it strongly and finish strongly.

This is going to be such an amazing year! I'm not sure I believe in soul-mates or not, but if such a thing exists, I have found her, I love her so much, the here and now is incredible, I can't wait to see what the future holds.

2015, here I come!