Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Its Difficult to be a Parent

It can be difficult to be a parent at times. My son Jadon had to get some teeth pulled last week and he had a really rough time. I feel like I've asked a lot of him in regards to his teeth, he's been a real trooper.

It hurts me to see him hurt and this time was the worst. He has always been afraid of shots, or sitting in the eye doctors chair, and dentists. He has been starting to do better with the dental stuff though, he did really well when they took out his baby teeth early. But that was a cake walk compared to this.

He was begging me not to make him do it, and they hadn't even started yet. It took forever just to get the four shorts in, one for each tooth. Finally after twenty or more minutes of struggling with it he buckled down, laid back and said "I'm doing this for you Dad!"


Then the easy part was over, Jadon didn't really expect the teeth coming out to hurt so bad, he recalled what it was like to get the baby teeth out, well, these weren't baby teeth. He did well during the first tooth, but as soon as it was out, he flipped, he was in so much pain, he was bawling his eyes out, he was so upset, pleading with me to make it stop. I felt so bad, I questioned whether what I was doing was right or not. And many times I nearly broke and called the rest of it off.

But all through it I stayed strong, I reassured him that what we were doing was the right thing, that even though it hurt now, it would be worth it. Its difficult to keep that panic you feel in your heart from taking control.

I love you Jadon, I'm sorry this hurt so much, and I promise when we get the wisdom teeth out in a few years that we'll knock you out this time.

Just a quick rundown for the rest of the blog. Boys are back in school, Jadon is in 6th grade, Tristan is in 5th. Jadon started Band, he is playing the Trumpet (and he was practicing today, even though it wasn't required, the cat was not happy). Tristan is going to be a crossing guard, he is pretty excited.

Cougs play their first football game this Saturday, I'm psyched for the new season to start. I think we have a chance to make it a good game against Auburn. I'm heading to Seattle this weekend to go to PAX.

Thats about it for now.