Sunday, July 14, 2013

Late to the Party

First post of 2013!

Good thing I wasn't in a race or something, half the year has gone by and this is my first blog. The way things have been going it could be the last of the year as well.

I last blogged in November, not sure if I'll be able to remember all the shit I did between then and now. Not that that is why I am posting this.

Not sure why I am really, blogging used to be the way I relieved stress, the way I straightened out all of the thoughts running through my head. Now that I don't blog, sometimes I just think I don't have anything to replace it in my life. Makes me really want to blog again, I just don't. I'm not sure why.

Things are going pretty well right now. We just finally got out of that hell hole of an apartment and into something a little bigger but still reasonably priced. I get my own office again and should be able to set up a decent hobby space in our garage.

We just got awesome cost of living raises ($1.75 each) and our annual performance raises just happened as well. I also just got promoted to Line Lead this week, it was the path I was on but it came suddenly and unexpectedly. I'll rise to the occasion.

I miss the boys, their mom just moved to California. They are down there now, about halfway through their summer with her. It was harder than ever to let them go.

That first summer was the hardest. Expecting them to be with me, pointing out airplanes only to look in the back of the car to find empty seats. I was told it was get easier over time and for a few years that was true. But this year we really all started bonding in new ways, our interests started to align more. I interact with the kids a lot more, we talk, we play video games, we play board games, we watch more movies together (like Gladiator, The Patriot and even Scream!). It was unexpectedly harder to let them go.

The boys both have their own cell phones now, and while its costing us a leg and a foot, I am glad we made this decision. We stay in contact a lot better, Jadon has texted me more than once a week since he left and Tristan has texted a couple of times as well.

I went to Vegas for the first time last month! It was awesome, I had a lot of fun. My friend Russ was getting married. Lots of weddings this year. My cousin Bryan is marrying his boyfriend Chad later this month and Samantha's friend Brenna is getting married in October. Just more excuses for me to dress like a bad ass. ;-)

I finally started gaming more. I'd been aching to get back to my hobby for years, but it kept getting put off. My current game is Dystopian Wars, though I'd like to expand into Malifaux and Dropzone Commander once our budget can manage.

I've been thinking a lot about my past lately. The last 7 years have been a lot more eventful than the 7 before them. With as many new people that are in my life, friends and family, I can't help but miss the ones that aren't here anymore. Losing family like my Grandma, my Great Grandma and most recently my Uncle Bill passing away in his early 50s. Friends who have moved on with their lives like Sarah or just friends that are far away like Russ. People who have all had a significant role in my life.

Since I started in my new department in January I've definitely been losing weight. Its nice having a job that keeps me so active. Now that I've become a lead I think it will be a little less frustrating too. I didn't entirely get a long with the person that was my lead, we had completely different visions and they didn't mesh at all.

I really don't know what to say in this blog. I felt I needed to say something though. The drive to blog has been building up for months and months, and now that its 1:30 in the morning, hell, might as well. Maybe it will put me to sleep... or perhaps not.

A lot of other things have happened that are worth noting, but I can't think of them at the moment.

We've been doing a great job creating budgets and sticking to them, things are definitely improving.

Its going to be my 33rd birthday this Thursday. not sure what to do with myself, might be nice to go out and get a drink with some friends though. not sure. Anyone interested? Maybe My Office, Rico's or one of the Moscow bars?

Maybe Samantha can get my liquored up enough to go dancing again, I seem to really enjoy myself. Our friend Bill even showed me some dance moves the last time, he and his wife Jeannette and Samantha and I were practically the only ones dancing. Liquid Courage :-)

For those of you new to my blog, I obviously don't write these very often. Just a few times per year. But I used to write them practically once per week or more at times. During the aftermath of my marriage and the struggle for custody of my kids and wrote my blog to keep my head on straight. I used it as a way of looking at myself and the world around me in a new way. I worked through a lot of emotional pain by just sitting down at this keyboard and starting with a sentence and a few hundred words later I would feel better, sometimes a lot better. Feel free to peruse the old posts! I used to have this blog on MySpace, but since that website a-sux, I moved it all over to this website.

Anyway, spent the day playing video games with my Uncle Bob and my Cousin Braydon, had steak at my moms house and then came home. Good relaxed day, tomorrow I'll be playing a big game of Dystopian Wars (fucking awesome miniatures game, come be a nerd with me world). Then I start my birthday week on Monday, and believe me, I fucking celebrate that shit all week long.

So if your wondering why I am in a good mood, that is why. Or if you are wondering why I am in a bad mood, also why. Stressed out or superchill, its by birthday baby.

Goodnight Sucka