Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We are heading out to my Uncle's house in Garfield for thanksgiving dinner, taking my Grandpa with us!

I've really disliked the whole 'say one thing you are thankful for everyday' thing thats been happening this month. I didn't even get it at first, then someone told me it was for thanksgiving. Its nice to see what people are thankful for, but ultimately I don't like to see it quite so much...

That being said, I'm really thankful that my Aunt and Uncle live so close now, I get to see my little cousin Braydon Dale a lot more. Still not enough, but that is mostly because I'm a damned hermit.

I don't go see my Grandpa enough either, not practically at all. Its hard for me, to see him like he is now. I just imagine what it would be like if I was in his situation and someone video taped what I had become and sent the tape back in time and had me watch it while I was in my 20s or 30s. I just don't think I could imagine it. I think my grandpa from when I grew up would be really upset to find out how things have turned out for him. I love him, and he deserves better from me, its just so upsetting for me to see him. :-( thats selfish talk though.

I mentioned last blog that I officially got that position I applied for. I'm still really psyched to get started. My start date has been pushed back until January 1st though. Some health issues for one of my co-workers came up and between that and having 3 trainees at one time, they decided to keep me around to weather the holiday storms.

I am so freaking frustrated with the way Football has turned out this year. I don't want to go into too many details, but I would like to say that even though things weren't happening fast, and even though we didn't have the wins there yet, I liked the direction things were going with our last coach. Our new coach, its too early to say, but his first year has been a year I'd like to forget... forever burn it from my mind.

We had a really great visit with Samantha's sister Tossie and her baby Mathias. I took them back to southern idaho over the weekend. I just about teared up when I had to say goodbye to my little nephew. He was so much fun, even at 7 mo old. I miss having a baby around the house and frankly I didn't realize just how much I missed it until we had one hang out for a couple of weeks.

I've been starting to be less excited about the prospect of more children, which is probably weird for some of you to hear. I've been baby crazy all my life, but with my kids getting older and myself getting older, I just wasn't feeling it as strongly as before. Now that I've gotten to spend some time with Mathias, I know that desire for more children is still there.

Tossie was fun to have around too, she likes to play board games so we broke out some cool ones.

The leak finally got fixed, the holes in the wall have been covered, the shower surround has been replaced. The heater in the living room was fixed, the dryer is still broken and one of the two electrical problems hasn't been fixed yet to my knowledge. Either way, some progress has been made.

Well, crap. I better get to bed. Need to finish making my Raspberry Jello/Cream Cheese thing in the morning before we pick up my grandpa and head out.

Loving my new phone, HTC One X, I'll never go back to apple again. Down with the iPhone! Android forever!


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