Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Picking up where I left off

As the title says, its time for me to pick up where I left off. I haven't been blogging much for well over a year now and I really miss it. Im going to be trying some new things out in my life, some lifestyle changes, and I think Im really going to need this tool again.

Right now I am working on moving my MySpace blog over to this blog, I want to get the bulk of it over here and then I will go back through and edit it. There are several posts not meant for the general public that will probably be temporarily made public due to this move. Feel free to read it while you get the chance ;)

Most of it is public though, so plenty of good reading. Lots of stuff in there about how I emotionally survived my divorce and custody battle.

Just a quick update, wishing everyone the best!

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