Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Exercise Log 002

Second log entry! Its already working I can feel it working! or not, but I know it will have a good effect. 2 days isnt enough for anything.

I only went for 20 min again, I still think that is a good place to start. I just need to start thinking about when to bring it up to 30 min.

I didnt go with the morning workout today, I stayed up pretty late last night. I probably won't have much to report for the first two weeks, though I still will be posting any progress on log entry 5, whether there is any or not.

Ill keep most of these short, feeling good about this so far, cant wait to look back on this in a week then Im dragging telling myself I feel like all the bones in my body are broken. Got to hit the 2 week mark fast!

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