Monday, March 1, 2010

Exercise Log 001

I recently bought myself a new toy, a Nautilus E514 Elliptical.

Check out my baby!

I just finished my first workout with her. Wanted to start out kind of slow, build a good foundation. Thats mostly how I live my life in general since the divorce, and it works.

Here is how I want this to work. Im not going to share my weight, just a goal of how much weight I want to lose within a certain time frame. I haven't decided the time frame yet though, so I haven't decided on my exact goal.

Essentially I want to drop 110 lbs. Hopefully within the next 18-24 months. Then I will be hovering right around the weight that I want to be at. But for an actual goal I think I want it to be short term, like 4 months or 3 months.

As always, my blogs develop as I write them, so ignore the sentence above that says "so I haven't decided on my exact goal." Since I want to lose 110 overall, I will say that I want to lose that in 16 months. I will divide this up into groups of 4 month long goals. To make things easy Im going to increase my goal to lose 112 pounds so that it is a number divisible by 4. So the goal is to lose a minimum of 28 lbs every 4 months. The benefit of this is it will also put me beyond the rule where you shouldn't lose more than 100 lbs in a year, which may or may not be true, sounds like common sense, but I don't plan on doing any research.

So that I don't go too crazy Im going to check my weight loss every 5th work out. That is far more often than I should though.

Here is the plan, I want to start working out for an hour per day, divided up between two 30 min. periods, once in the morning and once in the evening.

Each work out I want to do a quick blog, probably quicker than this one, unless I think of something to say .

So just so were clear, that means Im going to check my weight approximately every 2.5 days.

Anyway, today was the first. I exercised for 20 min. Planning on getting up tomorrow morning for a followup session.


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