Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Boys r Back

Well, in just under 3 months I've managed to put 8000 miles on my car, not too shabby!

The boys got back on Sunday, the summer flew by ultrafast, I guess because I was busy instead of just waiting around counting the days. They were sad to say goodbye to their mom again, but super excited to be home, in the first hour they were already talking about being excited for school.

Jadon was particularly excited because he will be in the 1st/2nd grade combined class again which he liked a lot last year, he will have the same teacher and this time he gets to be the older kid :-).

Life will be a little easier this year, they will be in the same age group for sports and now I will only have 1 drop off before work as oppose to taking one of them to school and one to daycare.

It doesnt sound like they did much over the summer except go see movies in theater. It was a far cheaper summer for me because they didnt have to attend daycare, Nicole's boyfriend watched them every weekday because he isn't working right now. I know they love their mom and like to see her, but I know that someday they will start to understand that she chooses to be away from them like this and when that day comes it will break my heart to have to hear their questions or feelings about it.

The boys are super excited to see some Cougar Football, and basketball but I told them they have awhile longer to wait for that.

I saw this new book on the shelf at Barnes and Noble today that really piqued my interest. It is called "Pride and Prejudice" its this brand new book by Jane Austen. Oh wait, I mean its called "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies" by Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith. It sounds hilarious:

In what’s described as an “expanded edition” of Pride and Prejudice, 85 percent of the original text has been preserved but fused with “ultraviolent zombie mayhem.” For more than 50 years, we learn, England has been overrun by zombies, prompting people like the Bennets to send their daughters away to China for training in the art of deadly combat, and prompting others, like Lady Catherine de Bourgh, to employ armies of ninjas. Added to the familiar plot turns that bring Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy together is the fact that both are highly skilled killers, gleefully slaying zombies on the way to their happy ending.

There is also a book coming out called "Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters" Brilliant.

My left shoulder is still getting to me after that whole falling down the stairs thing. Its not dibilitating but it sure gets to bothering me by the end of every day. Doc said it could take a long while to fully recover.

Well, its been about 3 1/2 months since my grandma passed. It still hasn't sunk in. I think about her a lot still, esspecially with the boys being back, they've talked about her several times already. My mom has been having an esspecially hard time, my grandpa is living with her now and I think its made it worse for both of them. My mom is a lot like my grandma, and says a lot of the same stuff to my grandpa that she would have said to him. I think it will be hard for quite some time.

Well, I got some pretty bad news last week, I woke up Friday morning and my mom called, my Great Grandma Esther just found out that she has Breast Cancer. She will find out more information this week. Later that day during my lunch break my mom called again, we just found out that my cousin Tiff has multiple skelrosis...

I dont like to say that one person is more important than another or that one condition is worse than another or anything like that, I love them both very much, but there was a sharp difference in my reaction to finding out each of these pieces of information. Its very unfortunate and sad that my 84 year old Grandma has Breast Cancer, I love her very much and I hope we can rally around her and be there for her as much as she needs, or can handle lol.

But there was something about hearing that my cousin, who grew up very much like a sister to me, has MS. She is only 25 years old, she is a stay at home mom with 3 beautiful daughters and all life has done is crap on her. It upsets me, she cant even do many of the things she dreamt about doing growing up. She developed some kind of bad joint issue ( like carpol tunnel, or really bad arthritis or something) awhile ago making it very painful for her to continue playing the many instruments she had mastered, she has been living with Crone's disease since her late teens and now MS. It physically upsets me, I was in tears at work after hearing the news.

I love Tiff and I love my Great Grandma very much and I hope they know that they have a lot of love and support. Tiff is coming home for a visit soon, I got to see her brand new baby girl when my grandma passed away and now I get to see all 3 of them together, reunited with my boys at long last!

On to happier news. Things between Samantha and I are going really well, we are almost to the 11 week mark lol. She is primarily the reason I havent blogged as much in the last 11 weeks. I just dont spend as much time on the computer as I used to. Which is fine because half the time I was sitting on here feeling bored out of my mind just browsing the net the way many people flip through channels on their TV.

Soon after my last blog post she and I went on a trip to Seattle. We had a really good time, but we didnt hit every attraction we had planned, just too much for one weekend. We did plenty to get our money's worth on the City Passes though. I spent waaayyyy too much money on lunch at the Cheesecake factory and then we did one thing we hadnt planned on doing, we went to Gameworks and played a ton of video games.

That weekend was a blast, when we got back it was time for Samantha to move out of her apartment, her mom, 2 sisters and one of her brothers came up to help her. I made dinner for them two of the nights, and I think they all liked it quite a bit.

Ultimately she had a hard time finding an apartment she really liked, she ended up having to move her stuff into storage and bunking with me for a couple of weeks. She found a cool place in Moscow and she is getting set up in there now.

We went to silverwood a couple of weekends ago, I hadnt been there in awhile and it was awesome! I was there in 2006 but I couldnt ride a lot of rides because I only went on ones my kids could go on. I hadnt been on a real rollercoaster in quite awhile. After the fair in Samantha's home town I had started thinking I was losing the stomach for real rides, but I still had it in me! Though I took some motion sickness medicine just to be sure.

They have 4 rollercoasters at Silverwood now, I went on 2 of them and when I got to the 3rd I just couldnt make my ass fit in the seat. I was really embarrassed. I need to lose weight, this is ridiculous. Technically I fit in the seat, though it was uncomfortable. THe problem was that I couldnt get the left hand side of the seatbelt up over my leg high enough to latch on to the other side of the seatbelt. It wasnt even that the seatbelt didnt fit me, it DID fit me, the problem was just that the left side was too short. If it was 4" longer on the left and 4" shorter on the right there wouldn't have been a problem.

We drove down to Samanth's dad's house again this last weekend to pick up her sister Misty. She goes to school at the UofI too so we were bringing her up to start school.

The boys start school next week, they are totally psyched! I am paying for my class tomorrow and it starts on like Sept 23rd or something like that. I am really excited to get back into it, esspecially with such an easy class.

This weekend we're hitting a BBQ at my Uncles, then the boys are going camping the following weekend. Jadon has 2 dentist appointments and an Orthodontist appointment in the next two months, Tristan and I each have 1. I havent gotten tickets to Wicked yet, hopefully they are still available, too many other things to worry about financially right now though. The lentil festival is coming up, maybe this weekend? anyway, I hope everyone had a great summer, mine was amazing and very unexpected, a good start to something that I hope can stand the test of time.