Monday, July 20, 2009

I've Fallen In Love

Thats right, I said it! But before I get everybody caught up on the things that have been going on this last month with Samantha and I, I'll get some other pieces of information out of the way first.

I was messing around on the stairs and I slipped and fell down the stairs. It totally sucked. I spent the next 4 days trying to just walk it off, but ultimately I wasnt getting any better so I went to see a doctor. I had two giant bruises on the top of my ass that just got bigger and bigger each day (the size of a coaster each). My butt her off and on, but mostly felt numb, which the doc said was normal. My butt feels better now and the bruises are starting to heal up into a nice shade of yellow instead of just being solid black.

I caught myself with my life arm about halfway down the staircase and about 24 hours later my shoulder started hurting, this is ultimately why I went in to see the doctor. They put me on a weight restriction of 15 lbs and gave me a note for work then scheduled a followup appointment.

I messed it up even more over this last weekend and today the doc bumped my weight resriction down to 5 lbs max and no repetetive lifting, which screws me out of my current job since I tend to lift 100-200 boxes per day that range in weight from 1 lbs-50 lbs

I turned the big 2-9 yesterday, the countdown until I turn 30 has officially begun. I asked Nicole to make sure the boys call me on my birthday and not make me call them, she said she was 'try' and remember. By about 5 o'clock though I called them to talk to them, she hadnt even told them it was my birthday.

Things like this happen all the time, its total bullshit and pisses me off like you wouldnt believe. Actually if you've ever ridden in a car with me you might believe it lol. Generally I go off on a rant about how I always have the boys call her and I always remember important dates and Holidays for her and try and include her and that I can stop doing that if she doesnt want to do the same for me.

But I do my best to try and remember that I dont do that for HER, I do it for the boys, and that is what upsets me the most, she should do things for the boys but she doesnt, she never makes decisions or remembers things for them, she does things for herself, she wants things for herself and she never has thought about them, their futures, whats best or given any thought to making even a fraction of the sacrifices Ive made for my children.

In my view she has voluntarily sacrificed 10 months of every year of being their mother so that she can be happy down in sunburn land. Anyway, at least I got to talk with them. I miss them tons!

July 4th was Samantha and my 1 month. It felt good to hit that milestone. We went to the Pullman fireworks display and we had a lot of fun. It sucked before that a little for her though because she had just gotten Pnumonia, it was cool though because when she got sick I was like "I think you might have Pnumonia" and then when she went to the doctor and they said she had Pnumonia I was like "Im sorry your sick, but I just want to let you know how good it makes me feel that I was right about the Pnumonia" lol, she wasn't as appreciative of my diagnosing abilities :-)

We've been together for over 6 weeks now and every moment has been amazing. She planned a trip down to her hometown to visit her parents and go to their local fair and she invited me to come a long and meet her family. I met a lot of people this weekend, they were all really great, very welcoming. We had a great weekend together, we were gone for 4 days down in Southern Idaho over my birthday weekend.

my birthday was really very sweet, Samantha and her sister made me breakfast in bed (but she woke up after me so I convinced her to let me eat it at the table lol), then they made me a delicious chocolate birthday cake with chocolate frosting and a secret filling that I managed to guess, HUCKLEBERRIES. I went huckleberry crazy this weekend, they are soo good.

We went swimming too which ultimately is what did my shoulder in, it was a ton of fun regardless, but the doc said it wasnt a good idea and that I need to start using my shoulder a lot less while it heals. Then we went to the fair that night, we had a lot of fun, but I started getting motion sick right away so I was a lame ass as far as rides went. That dissappointed me a lot because I love going on rides and I normally dont get motionsickness.

We are heading to seattle this weekend to do some fun stuff, Ill blog about that trip once its all over and done with, it will be a crazy amount of fun and Samantha's first time to Seattle!

I wanted to mention one more thing before I sign off. I got a birthday present from my Grandma.

My Grandma was so amazing, the last few weeks have been esspecially hard because I know just how much she would love Samantha. Well, my Grandma had started making me a birthday present before she passed away, my mom finished it and gave it to me for my birthday. It was a miniature scrapbook type thing filled with a lot of my favorite recipes that my grandma made. I cried like a baby when I opened it, its just so amazing and means so much to me, I feel like Im about to cry right now just talking about it.

I guessed it had something to do with my grandma and I kind of prepared myself for liek a little picutre book or something like that, but this present was just so amazing and so unexpected, it hit me like a ton of bricks. I love it, thanks Mom!

I love you grandma, and I miss you, you were better than any grandma I could have dreamt of having and you prove that in my life daily just through the memories I have of you.