Monday, June 22, 2009

Who's Going to Turn the Bathroom Light Off?

The title of this blog as a question I just heard fly down from my bedroom upstairs. I yelled back "You Are", and the reply was, "Im in bed already". I heard all of this while trying to think of a title to this blog, TA-DA Thats how blog titles are created! A little behind the scenes glimpse.

Its been a full week since my last blog post and things are still going great between Samantha and I. I couldn't be more excited, she is amazing. She's been hanging out with me a lot, which has been a lot of fun, and I wish I could steal her away more often.

We went out to Chinese Food for our Date on Thursday night. We've been watching some movies together and I am getting her hooked on my favorite TV show Supernatural, which I think is bad ass!

I made Fajitas for her and I to eat on Friday, it was my first time making those and I think they turned out great, I used Pita's to put them in, but they fell a part too easy, so unless I find a better quality Pita I will probably just use soft shell tortilla's next time.

The boys came back on Saturday, I invited Samantha out to meet my boys and my mom that day, and things went really well. My mom definitely liked Samantha and she wasn't too hard on her lol. The boys ignored her for the first day like I had warned her about, but they started warming up to her the next day.

The next day was Father's Day, I convinced Samantha to spend the day with us. We played some Wii Tennis and Wii Bowling with the boys, I got her to try out the board game Carcossonne and she said she liked it, she seemed to have fun. Im always nervous about introducing girls to my geeky side.

She got to see the boys and I in our competetive smack talking best while playing Wii, it came together quite nicely.

Then while the boys watched a movie and went to bed upstairs, Samantha and I watched some more supernatural and stand up comedy.

We talked and we've decided to be Boyfriend/Girlfriend, we're both really excited. I've enjoyed every moment Ive spent with her, I want to spend more time with her, I think about her all the time. We get along really well, we have a lot of mutual attraction and chemestry. I like to learn about her and tell her all about myself lol.

Im hoping to spend a lot more time with her this summer, I wont see her much this week since its the boy's last week here before Phoenix.

I am hoping to take her up to Silverwood, she has never been. Im planning on taking her to Seattle to do the tourist thing, and she has invited me to go down to her home town in Southern Idaho and meet her Parents in mid-july over my birthday. I am hoping to be able to go down with her, but my Supervisor won't give me the time off until he gets back on that Monday and reviews if he can spare me or not.

Anyway, things have been great, she is at work right now and I miss her, I almost packed my kids into the car to head over there to say Hi, but ultimately they were both really tired, they just went to bed actually.

Well, Im going to bring this blog to a close for now


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