Sunday, June 7, 2009

An interesting turn of events

Bloggin' time! Just sitting at home doing my laundry and thought I would post a quick blog.

Im going to be honest, I want to be in bed right now. Ive got a bit of a hangover after last night, but I think what is really getting to me at the moment is not sleeping much. Ill be up for at least another three hours doing some laundry though.

For my first bar outing of the year, last night was pretty awesome. I've literally never had that much to drink, maybe my night of tequila crazyness, but this rivals it!

We started the night off at Mingles, I had a shot of Tequila, a long island iced tea, some pineapple drink that was ok and then a Rum and Coke. They were stiffing us on the amount of alcohol in the drinks, so we changed bars. I went to CJ's for the first time, its a pretty decent place!

We played some pool, or attempted to, and I got to meet a very pretty girl by the name of Samantha that I hope to be seeing more of very soon!

At CJ's I had another shot of Tequila and then 4 more Long Islands. So I got messed up pretty bad! For the most part I think I can remember the night, its definitely hazy though and I know I've heard a couple things that I dont recall.

Apparently I was shamelessly flirting with Samantha, which I do remember. We joked around about it today, some of the 'flirting' I did is just plain hilarious in retrospect. I got some credit for an ingenious way of giving her my phone number and giving me hers. She had somehow got ahold of my phone and she pretty much had it most of the night, but I managed to get her phone for a bit and I used it to call my phone! Instant number exchange! Well, as smooth as that sounds, I cant take credit for the ingenious part.

At one point Russ took me aside and told me to 'take a break', then he went and apologized to Samantha for how strong I was coming on to her, he told her that he had put me in 'Time Out' lol.

The night just kept getting better, which is why I never really slowed down on my drinks, even though I feel at the moment that I should have. I feel like Samantha and I clicked really well together, we ended up spending a majority of today together as well.

I know Im keeping it all kind of vague, vague is mostly how i remember it at the moment lol. I'll keep my blog up to date a bit. And while I will be keeping most of the information to myself, I'll keep my blog up to date on how things progress with Samantha, I have a really good feeling about her. :)

On a more serious note, my uncle and his wife may be facing a felony charge of embezellment. The lawyers they have spoken to dont think it will go anywhere and they think someone is just after a plea bargain to get a settlement. But just in case this does end badly, my uncle spoke to me today about the possiblity of his three year old son Braydon coming to live with me, in the event they did do prison time.

They've narrowed it down to either me or Braydon's Uncle Tim. He and his family are really nice and Braydon would be well taken care of there. I think that Braydon would drop right into my life nicely, there would be no financial impact as my support would scale with the increased costs. I already have a lot of confidence in the teachers at the daycare that watch braydon's age group. Braydon would still be around all of our family, and most important of all, I think I would be best suited to give him the love and attention he needs. Ultimately, they are just trying to plan for the worst, they dont think it will actually become a criminal charge.

Well, im going to go lay down and try to not fall asleep. I only had a headache when I was first waking up this morning, but Ive had that woozy vertigo feeling all day, motion sickness has been a huge problem. Fortunately I haven't actually gotten sick, but its still not been pleasant.

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  1. Russ:
    Yeah you were not as crazy as in the past, but you were pretty drunk man. It was a fun night for sure. CJ's was a pretty damned good bar, especially with the PBR all you can drink! hell yeah.

    Yeah it was ironic. Both bartenders were relatively new, but CJ's over put in the alcohol.

    yeah, I had a good first impression of that place. Free Pool is always good, plus that guy put a crap ton of alcohol into my drinks