Monday, June 15, 2009

An Interesting Turn of Events Part II

Its Monday Night. Didn't feel like a Monday today though, work flew by fast, which is always nice.

I finally got my Wii hooked up again, found the cable I had been looking for.

I've put right around 2500 miles on my new car already, and I already have at least three more trips across the state planned. One each month for the next three months.

I spoke in my previous blog about going out drinking on a Saturday night, 9 days ago now. I mentioned meeting this amazing girl named Samantha, we've been seeing each other ever since that weekend.

Things feel like they are going really well, there is definitely a lot in common and a lot of chemistry. We txt each other all the time and constantly stay in touch.

Im a fairly busy guy this time of year, lots of stuff going on with the boys, but we planned to have a date last thursday, but the feeling was pretty mutual that we didnt want to wait that long to see each other again, so last tuesday Samantha made me lunch and we met up on my lunch break. She made me a really good sandwhich and brought some other stuff to eat, we were really excited to see each other again, but my lunch break was far too short.

Our date on thursday was amazing, I was not suprised as she is a very amazing person. I made us some stir fry and made a Thai Peanut Sauce for dinner, I didnt get the noodles right, but it was still pretty good. After that we went out to see the movie The Hangover, which was Hilarious, damned Hilarious!

Afterwards we went back to my place and... attempted to watch Silence of the Lambs. Yes, thats right, I found a woman who is both beautiful AND interested in Horror movies, its like a dream come true lol. Somehow she found a loophole in the system and has watched all of the Sequels and Prequels to Silence of the Lambs without watching the brilliant original. There is already quite a list of movies for us to watch together lol.

Unfortunately we couldn't see each other over the weekend as I was up in Bellingham helping my friend Russ move up there. We watched The Hangover in theater, 2nd time for me obviously lol, Just As Funny as the first time, this movie is ridiculously awesome. We unloaded his Uhaul, I drove him around so he could buy a couple of things since he doesnt have a car, we BBQ'd some really awesome steaks and then a saw an SUV burning on the freeway on my way home.

As much fun as Russ and I had, it was torture going so long without seeing Samantha, so we planned to see each other not long after I got home Sunday night. Now we have plans to get together tomorrow and hang out, I'll probably be cooking tacos because I want to use some of the stuff I've got for them. Then we are going out on another official date on Thursday, dinner for sure, and maybe a movie in theater as well. We are planning on getting together on Friday too!

As I said above, things are going really well and the chemistry and everything are just off the charts. Im really excited about her. I've really been trying to calm that side of me that tends to come on too strong and focuses on where I want to be in 5-10 years as far as marriage and kids and such goes. Its working out fairly well, like Ive said a thousand times in this blog, I dont want to jump into anything and go too fast, but at the same time I dont want to hit the breaks too hard and go slow, and I know there are no set rules for how this works and each situation is unique. It feels like we are doing fairly good so far in this regard.

My kids are gone all week, camping with my mom. They come back saturday afternoon, just in time for Father's Day on Sunday. I dont really have any plans for Father's Day, mostly I just want to spend it with my boys. Im thinking I might buy something cool for us to cook together and eat. Then sit back, play some board games and video games and just do some of the cooler activities we do as a family. Maybe if its nice we will have a squirt gun fight, but I think Ill wait and decide spontaneously ;)

Next week is a busy one, we have the last week of baseball and then we are going to watch the new Transformers movie one of those nights as well. That saturday, June 27th, they fly down to Phoenix. I'm going to miss them a ton, but I have a really good feeling about this summer.

I am hoping to take Samantha to Seattle, it will be her first time! If we can only go for a day then my plan is to hit the Zoo, but if we can go for the whole weekend I want to pick up the City Pass and hit all that stuff. Space Needle, hour long cruise, Science Center, Zoo. I think the aquarium might be part of the City Pass too, hopefully, then you can either do the Museum of Flight or the Music Experience thing, neither of which I have ever done.

Im thinking a good weekend for that might be on my Birthday, July 18th is a Saturday this year. I wanted to try and hit silverwood around that time, but we'll figure it all out.

I have a really good feeling about my birthday this year overall, I've been getting a little worried I would just be depressed, my first birthday without my Grandma. I honestly say it still hasn't hit me yet, she's gone. I still feel like she is a phone call away, the next Holiday I would have seen her on is coming up fast, July 4th. We would have all sat outside playing cards. I miss her.

My grandpa is being moved back up here, he is going to live with my mom. She is going to use his retirement and Social Security and stuff to hire a nurse or something to help him when she isn't home. She is really hoping this works out so that he doesn't have to live in a nursing home.

We found out that there is a possibility that he doesn't have Alchzimers. He definitly is suffering the symptoms of that, but it looks like the cause of those may actually be several strokes that he had. We are going to be getting a more in depth examination done once we have him up here.

So as I said, my July trip across the state is hopefully going to be a cool seattle tourist date lol. Then in August I plan on coming over to take my boys to visit some cousins down in Vancouver. In September I am coming over no matter what! The musical based on the book Wicked! is going to be in Seattle most of that month, I've been wanting to see that for awhile!

All in all, its been a very unexpected and amazing 9 days since Samantha and I met. Its such an interesting turn of events that I decided to use that title for my blog again. :)

Goodnight all


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