Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Work yet to be done

Well, Im already up way to late, so what the hell, might as well write a blog to top it off right?

First I would like to say, I miss my Grandma, I think about her everyday. She helped raise me, she was a major part of my life and I only hope I can continue to do right by her.

Her service went very well, I read my last blog just about word for word. I did add a few things, but most of that went unchanged. I started out needing to take a lot of moments to collect myself, it was hard to clearly speak, but letting everyone hear the raw emotion in my voice, painted on my face, for once in my life I was not nervous at all to talk in front of a large crowd.

And large it was, our initial estimates put it at around 200, but that was wrong, it was closer to 300 people. Right around 15 people spoke. I went first followed by my cousin Bryan.

Im not going to talk much more about my grandma right now, I just dont feel completely ready to. But I do want to mention that she LOVED the card game Pinocle, and I wanted to mention something really weird that happened the day of her service. In the first 6 hands of Pinocle I played that day, my partner and I made 300 pinocle 4 times. This is something I rarely accomplished once per day of playing pinocle, and yet we did it 4 times almost back to back. It felt like she was right there with us.

It was weird going back to work today, the first half of the day was ok, went kind of slow. The 2nd half of the day kind of wore me down a bit, I felt kind of emotional and I felt shaky too. Fortunately the 2nd part of the day went by fast.

I'd also like to mention I had a lunch date today that went really well, I dont want to blog too much about it right now, dont want to jinx it! lol. But we have some plans coming up and I'll tell you about her really soon.

T-Ball Started today! Tristan was really excited, he was placed on the Yankees, one of the boys from our Angels team last year is on his team again. Tomorrow Jadon starts Rookie league and from then on out I will be doing baseball 4 days per week until the boys leave for the summer!

Jadon and I practiced catching, I only hit him in the face with the ball once, right on the nose, he was ok though. Didnt even cry, though if I had handled it any differently he may have lol.

My Grandma knew how much I loved history and she (totally on purpose) sat me down and told me some things about our family that piqued my interest quite a bit. My mom let me take a bunch of the family history items home that she had, and some family tree information. Im going to record them digitally and begin creating a more detailed and better laid out family history, though I am going to get in contact with some distant relatives who may already have more concrete information for me to work on.

I have also begun a massive undertaking, the scanning of my grandma's photo albums. I just did a quick count of all the photo albums on my couch, right around 65. Plus I have 4 photo boxes (and I believe there are more coming). Ive already scanned about 50 photos so far, but the goal is to get as many as I can in the next 2 weeks before the collection starts breaking up.

I agree that many people deserve to own some of these albums and I have no problem with that. But this way we can all share them, this way we can better preserve our history. Once the originals get split up, we will never see them together again.

My mom gave me an amazing present today, she gave me my Grandma's 1 Year AA coin. Each year of sobriety in Alcoholics Anonymous they give you a coin to symbolize your accomplishment. My Grandma was sober for just 1 month shy of 37 years, my Grandma has been sober for about 36 years and they just celebrated their 34th or 35th wedding anniversary (and they met in the program, can you track the progression lol).

This coin was also my Grandpa's one year coin, as my grandma passed it on to him when he achieved his 1 year mark. This coin means a lot to me.

Oh yeah, also, Jadon finished the last two requirements to obtain his Tiger Badge, the main focus of this year of scouting. He will recieve it on Friday, the last day of scouting this school year. Next year his brother will join in as a Tiger and Jadon will move up to be a Wolf! I started as a Wolf when i was a kid!

Im also really thankful that my cousin Amy and I were brought together at last, though I wish under better circumstances.

I want to thank everyone again for all the support you've given during this last week. Losing my Grandma has been a massive blow, but I know deep down inside that we can do her memory Justice.

I love you Grandma!

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