Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Weekend

So this friday Im planning on leaving the Pullman area by around 2pm. Im totally psyched about a long road trip with the new car, will be sweet. I should be passing through my old digs in Everett by around 8pm at the latest.

Jen is hooking us up with a cabin again, this time I think she said it has a single, a double and a bunk bed, sounds huge.

Tristan's first T-Ball game is today, then Jadon's first Rookie League game is tomorrow. Im bringing my camera.

I hope everyone likes all the pics I just put up, found those in a box while I was cleaning out my Hall closet. Going to finally get through it all and start using it for dry goods and kitchen supplies and stuff. My cubbards doubled their contents in the last 2 weeks so it got crazy unorganized fast.

Yes, I am actually dancing in one of the pics lol. That was a fun wedding.

Anyway, Im feeling kind of down right now, maybe Ill talk about it in a blog after the boys go to bed.


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