Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Weekend and My Future

I don't recall the last time I blogged or what it was about. Im fairly busy this evening or I would go back and read it to find out, but I think I'll just wing it. Shouldnt have to use my own blog as research right? lol Believe me, Im not afraid to repeat myself.

I finally got my friend Sarah to come over and visit my new apartment, it was a freaking awesome weekend too. We watched some movies together, we played a game with a friend of mine, she cooked some meals, we had a water gun fight planned by myself and then the next day we had a crazy spontaneous water gun fight instigated by our guest.

We went out and played some sports, we played a game of Tennis, Sarah is now back on top, she beat me by what I would refer to as a slight margin. Then she taught me a little about how to hit a golf ball, how to stand, how to hold the golf club, it was really neat. Then we tried a little baseball, pitching, catching hitting and so forth. It was a very active day.

On the sunday she was here we actually went on a mini road trip to a town called Grangeville, its in Idaho. This is where my mom and Grandma were both born and it is where my Great Great Grandma Long is born. My Grandma wanted her ashes spread on her grandma's grave, so we got some immediate family together and did that.

Sarah went with us, which meant a lot to me. Losing my Grandma has been very hard for me. Sarah got to meet a lot of my family, I wonder if she realized just how much of a Redneck I really am lol. Im definitely not quite as extreme as the rest of my family, but you can really see it. Esspecially when I get giddy about my car and its Sunroof, heated seats, fog lights and other little things lol.

We also went to see a movie together in theater, it was originally the plan but most of my babysitters were unavailable the first couple nights. We went to see Angels & Demons, which I thought was really good. It was a very interesting movie for Sarah and I to watch together because the Da Vinci Code was the movie that I rented at blockbuster from Sarah that ended up sparking a conversation between us. I then proceeded to stalk her LOL, and that is when we ended up becoming good friends.

On Monday morning she went home, it was very sad to see her go, it always is. Afterwards I went out to hang out with my Uncle and his family, we rode his ATVs around Boville, also in Idaho lol. The weird profile pic I have right now is actually my face covered in dirt from the ATV riding fun. Looks like I grew a mustache, but no. lol

Well, it looks like my friend Russ and his wife have decided to go their seperate ways, its not my story to tell really, so thats about all I will say about it, well that and that they must have just thought that my divorce was so cool that they wanted one of their own! lol

Russ and Yvonne only have one car and he asked me to take him to Bellingham this weekend and help him find an apartment. It looks like that is where Yvonne with move and he wants to stay close to his boys. Im using this an an awesome opportunity to get my kids up to see their cousins one more time before they leave for the summer.

And then it looks like I will also be going up to Bellingham again the weekend of June 13th and 14th, which is just three weekends from now. He is hoping to have a place by then and the whole deal is that he wants to move his stuff that weekend. My kids wont be with me this weekend though, they will be camping with their Grandma!

Honestly Im also hoping to get to see Sarah again one or both of those weekends, but it is kind of last minute and I know she is busy with school and life in general.

I was going to turn in my Essay and Application for my work education benefit today, but I realized over the weekend that the filetype for the new application was for the newest version of Microsoft office, currently I use Google Docs and it doesnt convert those files yet, they do the older '.doc' files so while I was at work today I saved it in that format.

Im completing the new version of the application right now and I will be submitting it for approvals tomorrow. The deadline is Monday, so I feel like im doing pretty good on time. Registration is in two days on the 28th so very soon I will be registered for a Class!

Its going to feel very good to be a student again, to be progressing my education and finally reaching out for my future again. I feel like I have very slowly, but very methodically rebuilt mine and my childrens lives. Life cant be as spontaneous as it used to be, even for a calculating and over thinking guy like myself. Hell the first time I went into college I literally saw a brochure one day, had a meeting at the school the next day and by the following Monday I was a student picking up books for classes.

Well I have a new car, I think Ive already mentioned it a few times in this blog. My old car was having some serious transmission problems and it was going to cost way more to fix than the car was worth. The new car is a 2008 Chevy Cobalt, Ive put 400 miles on it in the first 4 days so far and within the next 3 weeks I will be taking it to Bellingham twice, so Im really breaking her in!

Well, Ive got some laundry to catch up on. I had a massive gum explosion in the dryer while Sarah was here, one of my kids left a whole pack of gum in his pocket and I didn't check! I was wondering where that gum went LOL. It was actually pretty easy to get the gum out, so now Im back in business.

g'nite everyone

Im On a Boat!


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