Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hope I remember to go to my Dentist Appointment in the morning

I am very concerned that I may not remember to go to my dentist appointment in the morning. I even emailed myself at work to give myself a reminder that if I am in fact at work on time tommorrow, leave immediately and get to that dentist appointment!! lol

Im pretty tired right now, but Ive been meaning to blog for a few days. Ive been working on getting my house all cleaned up, and my car. My friend Sarah is coming over this weekend to visit! I think she is coming over to visit so I can teach her a little something about the game of Tennis. Bring It!

Forgive me jumping back and forth with this, Im really am pretty tired. On sunday we are all driving to Grangeville ID, we are spreading my Grandma's Ashes on her Grandma's grave. That is also the town my mom and grandma were both born in.

I had three dates with Theresa last week, two over coffee and then on Saturday night we went out to a movie and then kicked it at my place with a bottle of wine and some stand up comedy. They were all a lot of fun and we are going out again tomorrow for lunch.

The transmission on my car needs to be replaced, its going to be pretty expensive so we're trying to figure out my options.

Well I think I had more to put in my blog, but Im super tired so Im just going to finish up my laundry and then hit the sack.

g'nite all!

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