Monday, April 27, 2009

Writing and Kissing

I'd like to start things off by saying my grandma is in no worse condition than she has been for several weeks. There was some complications over the weekend that seem to have been smoothed out. My mom made arrangements to bring my grandma from Seattle to Spokane for her recovery. Im glad she will be closer to home again.

Jadon's appointment to get two of his baby teeth removed to make some space for a few of her permanent teeth coming in was supposed to be tomorrow. For some reason I just didnt think about this, but my plan was to just stick him right back in school after he got his teeth yanked out.

Once I thought it through, it was obvious that was not a good plan. So I rescheduled the appointment for next Monday, and made it a bit later in the day so he wont miss as much school and I wont miss as much work. He is nervous about it, but strangly excited. He has just started going through a phase where he isn't as afraid of things anymore, its been pretty weird for the last couple years as he has been extremely afraid of many things related to doctors, going into a near panic at the sight of shots or the chair at the eye doctors. Glad he is calming down a bit. Too much stress in his young life.

The 'kissing' from the title is unfortunatly not in reference to myself. Though I do like to do a little kissing, Im very very shy so I almost never get that far. I've still never made the first move as far as kissing goes, I would say that every girl I've kissed has kissed me first. I'll break that cycle sometime I suppose, thought I really don't want to be kissing a lot of girls.

People say Im too picky and need to lower my standards. I completely disagree, if anything I think I should raise them. You know what, I hate being alone and I dont want to live the rest of my life alone, but I would choose being alone over making another huge mistake like I did the first time around. Sure, a lot of good came out of it, my children esspecially. I learned an aweful lot about relationships, marriage in particular. I guess Im just saying, when there is a next time, I want to get it right.

Anyway, so I picked the boys up from Daycare today and Tristan started telling me a story, it went like this.

"A girl was running at me and my lips hit her head." I stopped walking toward the car and turned towards Tristan.

"Sounds to me like you were doing a little kiss'n"

Apparently not hearing me correcly, Tristan began to explain himself "Well, My lips hit right on the back of her head"

I continued to insist that it sounded like he was kissing and that he apparently needed to learn a thing or two about it, because its not supposed to hurt so much. lol, he got frustrated with me.

Well, I shaved my beard off today. I tend to shave it off every couple of years, I can't recall the last time I did it though. Im already growing it back, it feels too weird, like my chin isn't big enough or something.

Ive had a few comments about looking younger without it, but my goal isnt to look younger, its to let my chin breath.

Honestly I would prefer to look a little older, maybe get a little grey in my beard, something to make me look a little more distinguished, if thats possible!

I finally sat down and started writing. Im going to give myself a pretty easy goal to hit and maybe increase it as I get used to writing again. We'll say about 250 words per day, and since this is about building up a habit, theres no trading here, I cant average 250 per day, its a minimum of 250 per day, so if I write 500 words one day, I still need 250 the next.

I am hoping to get up to about 1000 words per day, and if I am really serious about finally getting back into writing, that sounds like a pretty reasonable goal. Though I think I will need a little bit more direction before I get to that point.

I am working on a short story, its tentatavely titled 'Heart of a Lion'. I put down a goal of about 25,000 words for it, but I'll let that number evolve as I expand more on the story. I may go down, it may go up, but I'll stick with 25k for now.

I just put up a little Word tracker so people can track my progress with me. I'll keep it updated each night, if you dont see it change, feel free to rip into me on my comments page, be completely brutal with me, I dont need people encouraging me at this point in the game, I need people to beat me over the head with it. I'll try and do the same!

I put the tracker right below my Slideshow and YouTube videos (which if you havent watched them all yet, they are super cute, they are all about my boys!).

Anyway, just writing another quickie, lets see if the tracker posts to my blog too.


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  1. Sarah:
    LOL, I think Tristin got frustrated with you because you are the only one that would think that is kissing!! You made me really want enchiladas......Maybe your blogs should have more pictures.

    That pic almost made me look like I knew was I was doing right? lol

    I most certainly never know what is going on when it comes to dealing with women, you have first hand knowledge of that! :-)

    Oh, Oh, I am totally on his side! You are the only one who thinks girls + lips = kissing! I am not sure who would be able to give him advice?? His silly daddy wouldnt know what is going on.......

    I did like that texted pic. You are always teasing with the food pics!!! Soooooo not Kosher. LOL

    oh, so you're on his side that he was trying to bludgeon her with his mouth? Anytime a little story like that involves girls and his lips, its kissing, the poor boy just needs a little guidance on how its done lol.

    I was thinking about making enchiladas when you come over to visit! I take it you liked the pic of the enchiladas as i was making them that I txt'd you?