Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Weekend & Babies

Well, not to blog too soon after my last one, but I got the itch to write before I go to bed tonight. It was nice getting a few things off my chest in the last couple blogs, just some whining and ranting mostly lol. What are blogs for afterall?

I was planning a nice laid back weekend, get some cleaning done and just relax. My mom was going to pick the boys up after work and take them for the whole weekend. But unfortunatly she had to head back over to Seattle.

My grandma was having some issues and my mom had to head over there to be with her, she is going to try and get her transfered to Spokane so that she is closer to home.

There were some complications with this last minor surgery she had, but it sounds like there are getting it worked out.

The boys were pretty dissapointed when I showed up at their daycare, but we made the best of the weekend. Even though it wasn't as warm as I was hoping for on Saturday, we still went to a park, we played mostly basketball and then they played on the playground at Jefferson right up until tristan slipped and landed hard on his ribs on a balance beam! He's ok, not even a bruise, but he was pretty upset at the time!

Then we went and walked around the mall for a bit, saw some cute clothes for the boys at Old Navy, still my favorite store to buy kids clothes.

We were at Shopko later that evening too, ended up in the baby supply section, I miss having a little baby around. Looking at all the little teething items and crackers and such just for babies, I miss it. I hate to say it, but I miss changing diapers too. I was always goofy while I did it, any opprotunity to make a baby smile, even when Im cleaning up thier poop lol. Ok, to be honest, maybe I wasnt smiling so much when Tristan would explode out of his diaper, front and back!

I feel really lonely in Pullman. I feel like every time I make a friend, they move away. Completely unrelated to my becoming friends with them ofcourse . I mean, I know I go on dates, but thats proven to be once or twice a month, and Id say its closer to the once a month mark, and while that is nice, thats pretty much the only time Ive been getting out for awhile. I need some people I can hang out with and have my kids with me you know? I can't exactly take them on my dates!

Well, yesterday was pretty filled up, today we had a Harry Potter Movie Marathon! Watched ALL of them. Well, we had watched the first one a couple of days ago, then we watched the other 4 today. I cant wait until their old enough to read the books. I cant wait until they can read the Choose Your Own Adventure books too!

I did something new tonight, while I made dinner for tonight I also made part of dinner for tomorrow night! I was really amazed with myself lol, everyone reading this is probably rolling their eyes at my right now, but oh well, patting myself on the back.

We are going to eat my delicious enchildas tomorrow night, and probably have left overs for tuesday night as well.

I think I had some other stuff to say, but I am very tired, so I am going to bed. Good Night All!

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