Thursday, April 23, 2009

Prepping for a Summer Alone

Well, I have approximately 9 weekends left before my boys head back down to Phoenix for 8 or so weeks of summer vacation.

I miss my kids tons during the summers, and any time they are gone, but the summer's esspecially. No matter how much I resisted the idea, it has been easier as time goes on, but it is still a very rough time for me.

I thought this summer would be different, better really. I've been dating again since early last year, and Ive got to admit, I was hoping to have a girlfriend by now. Ive really started liking meeting new people, but Im still not good at it. I kind of like meeting people online, and that has been relatively successful, but Im wary of it because I still don't think its too common and someone 'checking up on you' that doesn't know you seems kind of creepy.

I dont just browse the internet for 'dates' I look for old friends, people I went to high school with, people I was friends with in Bellingham and Everett, and when I find someone, I add them.

Generally when I find someone interesting that I don't know, it doesnt go any farther than that. Sometimes, if it really seems like we have similar interests and seem compatible from just our profile information, I'll shoot off a message, just to say hi and they can check me out.

If there turns out to be a mutual interest, then I believe it will develop on its own, so I dont see the need to push it, Its not the same social dynamic as meeting someone in person, which Im not always the best at to begin with.

Ive met my 'dates' all sorts of different ways. Ive met them at my work, Ive met them at their work, I've met people through friends, I've been approached online, and Ive done the method above where I essentially just start a dialogue with someone and see if it turns into something more, but even that is fairly rare.

I don't mean for this to become an online dating profile blog entry or something, I mostly talk about my kids, which I will get to after this rant, but I do have a few things to say before Im done.

I feel lonely, I want someone to talk to, someone to trust. I NEED to share all this with someone, my life, a future with someone special. But I seem to have this problem meeting people that share my interests. Sometimes there is some overlap, but not usually.

I dont need her to like everything Im into, as that would probably freak me out, but at least some of it.

Ideally I want someone who likes to Camp so we can all go camping together. I'd prefer that she like physical activity a bit, esspecially Tennis, but not required. Liking at least family fun type video games like Mario Kart, Mario Party or Guitar Hero/Rockband would be nice.

I would like someone who is good socially, but doesn't NEED it, someone who has some really tight friends, likes to sit around and talk, play party games in groups. I'd like someone who enjoys drinking a little, but doesn't do it very often.

Someone who likes movies would be nice, I have a really broad and general taste in movies, I like almost any movie at least once. I do love myself some horror ofcourse, but I really like Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Epic Movies, Inspirational Sports movies and gangster movies a lot.

I LOVE comedies, movies, CDs, and I esspecially love standup comedy, the amount of it Ive gotten to see life this last year has been awesome.

And also Im a huge gamer that needs a little understanding. I like to play more hardcore games, wether they be board games, or computer games or roleplaying games from time to time. I dont need someone who is into any of this stuff, just a little understanding.

And Im a huge geek and gamer on the opposite spectrum. I like to play Yahtzee, Monopoly, LIFE, The Farming Game, Clue and so on.

I esspecially like the 4-generation games of Pinocle that I get to play with my Mom, Grandma and Great Grandma.

This is a good time to seguway out of that line of thought, Ill leave you with this, Ive been dating pretty actively since deciding I was ready to start dating again, but Im not dating just to date, Im dating to find someone special and stop dating. I wont jump into anything, but I am looking for something more.

Well, to further the seguway, my grandma is still healing and resting, there hasn't been much change, at least not in her condition.

Its good to note that before I go on my grandma is still in her right mind and the responsibility of making decisions for herself and my grandfather still rests on her shoulders.

But I was just invited to a get together with my mom and uncles to discuss thier thoughts on what is coming next, and what they want to do about it. Its pretty clear that when my grandma comes out of this she will be vastly different. I hate to say this, but It has finally come time to find a more permanent solution for my Grandpa, who's alcheimers only gets worse for him.

Also, as a note, my mom gave me the total amount for my grandma's hospital bill from the hospital in Lewiston and HOLY CRAP. Im not going to mention it here, but lets just say that when she told me to take a guess I guessed some crazy large number trying to get close and I was just under the halfway mark. Fortunatly most of that is the insurance.

Speaking of Grandma's, lets talk about my mom for a second. She has been very very busy taking care of my grandparents. She is really gone above and beyond and we all love her for it, but I can't tell you just how moving it was to see just how much my boys had missed seeing my mom around pullman. When she came back into town this last weekend and we went to have dinner at her house (Meatloaf!!) Jadon gave her so many hugs in a row and just held on. We're glad to have her back.

I invited her over for dinner tonight, and to play a new game. I bought two new games, one is called Memoir '44 and its based on WW2, I showed the boys how to play yesterday and they insisted on trying a game themselves right away. Its a little over thier paygrade, but they were doing suprisingly well, its a 2-player game, so I just taught them how to play and let them do the rest with my assistance pretty much.

Tonight I showed my boys and my mom how to play Carcassonne, which is a really fun tile based map building game where you earn points for completing roads, cities, monastaries and so on. Its simple and its really really fun. Tristan kicked our Butts big time, my mom was close behind him, but they left Jadon and I in their dust!

Speaking of my kids, I just wanted to talk a little more about this Pig Out On Books program that was started last week. This has been so awesome, they have both slowly been increasing their interest in reading, but this was such a huge surge of interest, its been a TON of fun.

I am so so proud of how well both the boys have done and Jadon has really been able to see his own progress just in the last two weeks. Ive talked several times about Jadon's struggles with reading, but I think in the last two weeks he really saw that the more he reads, the more he can read.

Tonight was their last night to log books in and turn their final lists into their teacher tomorrow. In the end, Tristan read around 350 or so pages of DIFFERENT books, and Jadon read over 500, possibly right up by 600 pages! I know, amazing right.

Thats in TWO WEEKS of time too, I cant even believe it. Each page, depending on the book they were on, consisted of between 5 and 30 words.

Im pretty amazed and very very proud of both of them.

A little bit more about the boys, Cub Scouts is coming to an end very soon, we will have one more Den Meeting and one more Pack meeting and then we adjourn until next year. Jadon will become a Wolf and Tristan will join in as a Tiger.

T-Ball starts up soon for Tristan and Rookie League for Jadon. Im looking forward to 4 solid days of baseball each week from early May until the last week of June right before they leave for the summer.

Both the boys had dental check ups today, they went well. The dentist did recommend I take Jadon in and talk with an Orthodontist, which I am doing in the morning (holy crap, its 2am, I need to wrap this blog up!).

A couple more things to mention before I sign out. First off, Fringe has gone completely crazy, this show is awesome. I liked the first episode, they've had a couple 'creature of the week' type episodes that were kind of lame, but the overall plot line is really starting to develop and this most recent episode was just plain awesome and it is turning into exactly the kind of show i was hoping it would.

One little thing though, the new images they are putting right before commercial breaks, kind of freaking me out. The apple with little babies instead of seeds, the smoke that is actually the shape of a person's face, the flower with petals that look like a bugs wings, the leave with the triangle on it, and I cant figure out what is with the hand print, but Im sure is just as creepy.

Last but far from least, my friend Sarah is going to be coming over sometime soon to visit us and it will be awesome! I've wanted her to see my apartment for awhile now, I almost got her over here once before, but just like with many things, life has a way of changing gears on you.

Well, I think that is enough for now. Ive got lots of responsiblities, so I best go get my beauty sleep so I live  up to every last one of them


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