Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It F***ing snowed today

lol, I couldn't think of a title for my blog, so I went with a little news about the weather. I was pretty darn dissapointed when I stepped out my door this morning to find snow coming down like crazy. Today's weather just sucked all around, I mean, Im glad the rain washed all the snow away, but even the rain sucked.

They say the rain on the west side of the state is depressing, and to some degree it is, but half the time I remember loving walking in the light rain in bellingham, a semi-warm humid day, raining. I loved to walk in it.

I know I am writing more blogs, I cant say I will write a blog everyday, and I probably should NOT write one everyday, but I just have this writing bug right now. I am not writing as much fiction as I would like to be, but I am writing some, and then writing blogs on top of that.

I swear to you right here and now that I will become a writer. I dont care how long it takes, I dont care if anyone understands the stuff I write or even reads it, but I will write it, I will get these stories put down to paper.

Speaking of which, my mind has been swirling with a story that came to me at work today. I haven't felt this creative in years. Even the short story I wrote a few months ago, or a year or whatever, I wrote that half out of my mind from being so tired, the next morning I barely even remembered writing it.

So I sat down to do my writing after I spoke with my friend Sarah. She is really goofy over this guy that she has been seeing lately. He seems really nice. I have to admit I feel a little jealous, not of the guy, well maybe a little, but I mean over the situation.

I miss sharing myself (and someone sharing themselves with me) with someone special, but the tragedy of that is that I don't know how to get that back. Sometimes I doubt if I've ever really experienced it. I feel like I dont know how to get close to people.

Anyway, I've talked about that enough lately, if Im going to increase the frequency at which I write my blogs, I should probably stop dwelling on stuff. Speaking of dwelling on stuff, I really want to find myself a tennis partner to get out and play a little tennis with, just for a little fun and exercise. I know I'll get at least one session in with Sarah when she comes to visit, but I really want someone I could play with regularly.

So I am still working on the short story I mentioned in my blog last night, I plotted out a few things in notes that I thought about today, but mostly I was really excited about this new story Idea that I think has what it takes to become a full fledged novel. Maybe an unpublished one, but lets just worry about getting it out on the page for now.

I exceeded my meger goal again today. I said I would write at least 250 words per day, and I think I hit right around 410. This ofcourse does not count the notes I am keeping, or the blogs I am writing, this is purely counting actual work on the writing of said stories.

The new one is being tentitivly titled 'My Immortal' but that may change. I have set my target for this project rather high, but I think it has the potential to exceed even that number. After plotting out some of the stuff for the short story I decided to go ahead and reduce the overall word count as it really does feel like a short story and not a novella.

I updated my progress bars on my main page, if you have any suggestions let me know, I'll post the progress at the end of my blog as well.

I made plans with a friend this weekend, she is going to bring her kids over to my house for a playdate of sorts, the intention is to play some board games with the kids, but we'll see what happens. Should be fun. I really want to make friends with people around my age that have kids, people my kids and I can hang out with.

Going to have another game night with my mom this Thursday. She moved my grandma to spokane today, she just called me when she got home sometime within the last hour. It will be comforting having my grandma closer to home.

Anyway, I better wrap this up, I think Im already risking losing readings just on the increased number of blogs, I should at least be nice and make them shorter.

g'nite all!

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