Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Shooting in Pullman!

So last night someone I work with shot someone else in the face. He was arrested and for some reason, didnt show up for work today... mild humor...

I havent heard what it was about yet, but the news article I read said he started firing a shot gun and one of the shots caught the guy in the face. He is alive and will survive. They caught the kid that did the shooting and named an accomplish (who I think also works at SEL).

I've worked with this kid for over a year now (I say kid, but he is 20), you look at his life and you can see it lead up to this point unfortunately. I think he is a good kid and a hard worker if you can keep him focused, and I'd said as much to our supervisor several times. He definitely led a hard life that Im not going to go into here and this is definitely a turn for the worse.

Its been theoried that maybe it was some sort of accident, they were all being stupid together, playing with a gun and somebody got shot, and I hope thats true. He will still be in ALOT of trouble, but not nearly as much as attempted murder.

Anyway, for something more lighthearted.

Dont you just hate when there is light snow on the ground when you park your car, and then the snow melts and you look like a total spaz that doesnt know how to park your car? Yeah, that happened to me today.

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