Saturday, March 14, 2009

Date Tonight

Hey All, just some brief info, this won't be nearly as long as the last blog 

I went to see my Grandma on Wednesday, she had just been moved out of ICU a couple of hours prior to my getting there. She is still in a fairly restricted section of the hospital though, the boys and I all had to wear gowns, gloves and masks to see her. She was very happy to see us! Pretty emotional though, understandably.

She said that earlier that day she woke up and couldn't remember her name, and information wasn't coming to her very well. I think she forgot my mom's name a few times while we were there, not that she stopped recognizing her or anything.

That was also the day of my mom's birthday, the big 4-9 lol, one more year and she'll be half a century old! Wow, if my mom is 49 this year, that means I will be 29! I only get better with age ladies 

For my mom's birthday I wasn't quite sure what to get her. I had checked out Cricuts online (those scrapbooking printer things that cut out designs for you to use), but they were kind of pricey. It was suggested that she might enjoy a 'Spa Day' or something, which I was about to look into when a girl at work posted her Cricut for sale! She had upgraded to a newer model and I quickly got my hands on her old one and gave it to my mom who was really excited!

Then I took her and the boys out to dinner after we visted my Grandma that night. I think she had a good time, I hope so, shes had a hard couple of months, keeping her life pretty much focused on helping my grandma and grandpa through all this.

Im hopfully going to see my Grandma again today too. Then my mom is going to watch the boys for me while I go on a date this evening. The date might get cancelled because as of yesterday Heather was sick, considering how bad her cough sounded yesterday I wouldn't be suprised, she will call me sometime this morning to let me know for sure.

Oh and on a final note, we had chinese food for lunch at work yesterday and I got a really ridiculous fortune in my cookie.

"Travelling to the south will bring you unexpected happiness"

I took this as it refering to the Southern States and just though to myself, thats ridiculous. Then I realized that they must be playing to the crowd that always play the 'in bed' game.

"Travelling to the south will bring you unexpected happiness in bed" lol
"travelling to the south in bed will bring you unexpected happiness" again lol

As funny as that is though, Im baffled as to how that 'happiness' is at all 'unexpected'. 

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  1. Me:
    So my date ended up being canceled, I was kind of expecting it considering how sick she seemed yesterday. Its cool, we'll figure out another date.

    Sometimes you have to fulfill your own fortunes.

    lol, wow, I think that might be the dirtiest comment anyone has ever posted on my blog before!

    ahahahaha, I was pretty proud when I came up with that witty remark!