Sunday, March 29, 2009

Coming home to an Empty House

Wow, I should totally not be blogging right now. Im ridiculously tired, but after I got home around 10pm or so I remembered I had to do my laundry.

Fun weekend, kind of awkward at times because I was essentially at a family reunion for my ex-wife, but we all still get along really well and it was really good for the boys.

The most entertaining part was the two little gay dogs repeatedly having to be broken up trying to please each other orally. If you need proof that you can just be born gay, then look no farther then these little dogs. Hell it looked like they had been doing it for years.

So we got our own little Cabin up in Bellingham again, thanks to Jen for hooking us up. We had a fun time, always love visiting Jen, Miguel and my Nephews. The boys were super excited. Seeing their cousins, plus their Grandma came up to celebrate her 50th B-Day, we all had lasagna together.

Also, Nicole's and Jen's brother Chris was there. Chris is a cool guy, but I haven't seen him in three years, pretty much since my divorce really got off the ground. His kids basically doubled in size, just like mine in that time frame. This was the first time in like 4 years that we had all 6 cousins together, it was really nice.

We went bowling, I totally dominated with 101 points LOL, I beat 4 little kids and Jen with that score.

Then the tough part came, I had to wake up at 1am to get myself and the kids ready to go to the Airport in Seattle. We picked up my friend Sarah on the way through Everett and she went to the Airport with us. The flight left at 5:15am or so. Its really hard sending the boys off on an airplane, but Sarah distracted me really well.

After the boys left, Sarah and I went off and had some breakfast and then she took me to a veritable furniture wonderland where I can't even guess how many hours we spent geeking out together. The IKEA store was freakin immense, I would love to go back. I definitly saw some stuff I liked, and a lot of stuff I would be afraid to touch lol. I picked up some Pomegranete Apple cider stuff, and some Gooseberry Preserve. Im super excited to try it, my grandma used to have a Gooseberry bush and they are Tart and Delicious! I remember at least one very good Gooseberry Pie (though it took a crap ton of Gooseberries). I havent had a preserve or jam or anything like that made from them, so Im very curious.

Sarah hasnt had gooseberries at all, so I made her promise to take a picture of her reaction when she first tries the preserve I 'convinced' her to buy LOL.

Anyway, I got home super late, 10pm, considering Ive been up since 1am, Im probobably luckly the drive went so smoothly. Though I would have to than my friends Jim Gaffigan, Greg Giraldo and Dane Cook for keeping me company ;)

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