Friday, March 20, 2009


Busy Busy

Well, I had a busy night tonight. Got double booked with the boys, Tristan's Science Fair was tonight and Jadon had a Cub Scout meeting. I had our friend Patty take Jadon to his meeting while Tristan and I perused the Science Fair. He got some cool comments on his Pokemon Project that we had finished up a few days before.

After the Science Fair we managed to make it to part of Jadon's Cub Scout Meeting. Which is good, because tonight was the night his Den had to put on a skit! It turned out great too, even better than when we were just practicing it. I was really proud of all of them, esspecially Blake, he performance definitly got the audiance to laugh at the end that way we were hoping.

I might have explained the skit in a previous blog, but what the hell, Im getting paid by the word right? :-P

The main focus is on one of the scouts, he is crawling across the floor slowly, acting as though he is very thirsty, making lots of sounds and such in the process. Each of the other scouts, in turn, walk in front of him with a snack in their hands. We had scouts each holding: Chips, French Fries, Pretzels and Jadon was holding Peanuts (Honey Glazed ofcourse). Each scout would walk in front of our thirsty star and he would ask each for Water.

They would, ofcourse, each reply "sorry, all I have is [snack]" and then walk off stage. After all four scouts had passed by him with their snacks he finally crawled to the front of the stage. There waiting for him was a cup of water sitting on a chair. He got up, got the water, sat down, looked at it, pulled out a comb, dipped it in the water and then combed his hair with it!

Then we got some great applause and laughs and the boys all did great, it was fun and Im very happy I didnt miss it. It was hard to picked which to go to, just in case I did have to miss one, and ultimatly I went to the science fair because I had already done lots of scout stuff with Jadon and Tristan and I had already worked hard on his project and I felt like we should do the fair together too. Fortunatly, things turned out awesome!

Oh yeah, I wanted to mention that Jadon is practicing his skills at using the Pun. He doesn't know that term yet, but he had a very 'Pun Intended' moment in the store earlier, and he totally played the words this way on purpose (I could tell because he kept repeating it for the next half hour, he was very proud at his own cleverness lol, wonder where he gets that from??? ;-) )

We had to buy Peanuts for him to hold in his performance, and as I turned down an aisle to look for the peanuts he said, 'They aren't down this aisle, what are you Nuts?" he even paused before he said Nuts as if to emphasis it LOL.

Alright time for some serious stuff.

Well, as serious as watching Television can be. I miss fringe, I really thought it was going to start getting good, took some turns I wasn't too fond of but I will give it until the season finale before a final judgement. but come on, 2 months off is too much.

But in the meantime Ive found a new show, and damn is it awesome. Its called 'Castle'. The main character is an actor Ive liked in several things (including Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along-Blog), the writer following a police officer around story so far is good stuff, esspecially with this particular guy as the lead.

Now, before I end the blog I need to mention that Women who can do that sexy lip biting thing... its like hearing the sound on a microwave go off because DING Im done lol. I might as well put my own heart on a platter and just hand it over at that point. In the first episode of Castle it was a bit overdone, I swear Stana Katic did that lip biting move at least half a dozen times. But I enjoyed every minute of it, I was so hot and bothered by her lip biting sexyness that I almost missed the storyline.

Fortunatly I did not miss the storyline and after watching the first two episodes Im convinced this show will be hella entertaining.

Alright, Im off to bed, but as a final note, do that sexy lip biting move ladies, and Im all yours ;-)

Not that I've exactly been playing hard to get or anything...

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