Sunday, March 29, 2009

Coming home to an Empty House

Wow, I should totally not be blogging right now. Im ridiculously tired, but after I got home around 10pm or so I remembered I had to do my laundry.

Fun weekend, kind of awkward at times because I was essentially at a family reunion for my ex-wife, but we all still get along really well and it was really good for the boys.

The most entertaining part was the two little gay dogs repeatedly having to be broken up trying to please each other orally. If you need proof that you can just be born gay, then look no farther then these little dogs. Hell it looked like they had been doing it for years.

So we got our own little Cabin up in Bellingham again, thanks to Jen for hooking us up. We had a fun time, always love visiting Jen, Miguel and my Nephews. The boys were super excited. Seeing their cousins, plus their Grandma came up to celebrate her 50th B-Day, we all had lasagna together.

Also, Nicole's and Jen's brother Chris was there. Chris is a cool guy, but I haven't seen him in three years, pretty much since my divorce really got off the ground. His kids basically doubled in size, just like mine in that time frame. This was the first time in like 4 years that we had all 6 cousins together, it was really nice.

We went bowling, I totally dominated with 101 points LOL, I beat 4 little kids and Jen with that score.

Then the tough part came, I had to wake up at 1am to get myself and the kids ready to go to the Airport in Seattle. We picked up my friend Sarah on the way through Everett and she went to the Airport with us. The flight left at 5:15am or so. Its really hard sending the boys off on an airplane, but Sarah distracted me really well.

After the boys left, Sarah and I went off and had some breakfast and then she took me to a veritable furniture wonderland where I can't even guess how many hours we spent geeking out together. The IKEA store was freakin immense, I would love to go back. I definitly saw some stuff I liked, and a lot of stuff I would be afraid to touch lol. I picked up some Pomegranete Apple cider stuff, and some Gooseberry Preserve. Im super excited to try it, my grandma used to have a Gooseberry bush and they are Tart and Delicious! I remember at least one very good Gooseberry Pie (though it took a crap ton of Gooseberries). I havent had a preserve or jam or anything like that made from them, so Im very curious.

Sarah hasnt had gooseberries at all, so I made her promise to take a picture of her reaction when she first tries the preserve I 'convinced' her to buy LOL.

Anyway, I got home super late, 10pm, considering Ive been up since 1am, Im probobably luckly the drive went so smoothly. Though I would have to than my friends Jim Gaffigan, Greg Giraldo and Dane Cook for keeping me company ;)

Friday, March 20, 2009


Busy Busy

Well, I had a busy night tonight. Got double booked with the boys, Tristan's Science Fair was tonight and Jadon had a Cub Scout meeting. I had our friend Patty take Jadon to his meeting while Tristan and I perused the Science Fair. He got some cool comments on his Pokemon Project that we had finished up a few days before.

After the Science Fair we managed to make it to part of Jadon's Cub Scout Meeting. Which is good, because tonight was the night his Den had to put on a skit! It turned out great too, even better than when we were just practicing it. I was really proud of all of them, esspecially Blake, he performance definitly got the audiance to laugh at the end that way we were hoping.

I might have explained the skit in a previous blog, but what the hell, Im getting paid by the word right? :-P

The main focus is on one of the scouts, he is crawling across the floor slowly, acting as though he is very thirsty, making lots of sounds and such in the process. Each of the other scouts, in turn, walk in front of him with a snack in their hands. We had scouts each holding: Chips, French Fries, Pretzels and Jadon was holding Peanuts (Honey Glazed ofcourse). Each scout would walk in front of our thirsty star and he would ask each for Water.

They would, ofcourse, each reply "sorry, all I have is [snack]" and then walk off stage. After all four scouts had passed by him with their snacks he finally crawled to the front of the stage. There waiting for him was a cup of water sitting on a chair. He got up, got the water, sat down, looked at it, pulled out a comb, dipped it in the water and then combed his hair with it!

Then we got some great applause and laughs and the boys all did great, it was fun and Im very happy I didnt miss it. It was hard to picked which to go to, just in case I did have to miss one, and ultimatly I went to the science fair because I had already done lots of scout stuff with Jadon and Tristan and I had already worked hard on his project and I felt like we should do the fair together too. Fortunatly, things turned out awesome!

Oh yeah, I wanted to mention that Jadon is practicing his skills at using the Pun. He doesn't know that term yet, but he had a very 'Pun Intended' moment in the store earlier, and he totally played the words this way on purpose (I could tell because he kept repeating it for the next half hour, he was very proud at his own cleverness lol, wonder where he gets that from??? ;-) )

We had to buy Peanuts for him to hold in his performance, and as I turned down an aisle to look for the peanuts he said, 'They aren't down this aisle, what are you Nuts?" he even paused before he said Nuts as if to emphasis it LOL.

Alright time for some serious stuff.

Well, as serious as watching Television can be. I miss fringe, I really thought it was going to start getting good, took some turns I wasn't too fond of but I will give it until the season finale before a final judgement. but come on, 2 months off is too much.

But in the meantime Ive found a new show, and damn is it awesome. Its called 'Castle'. The main character is an actor Ive liked in several things (including Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along-Blog), the writer following a police officer around story so far is good stuff, esspecially with this particular guy as the lead.

Now, before I end the blog I need to mention that Women who can do that sexy lip biting thing... its like hearing the sound on a microwave go off because DING Im done lol. I might as well put my own heart on a platter and just hand it over at that point. In the first episode of Castle it was a bit overdone, I swear Stana Katic did that lip biting move at least half a dozen times. But I enjoyed every minute of it, I was so hot and bothered by her lip biting sexyness that I almost missed the storyline.

Fortunatly I did not miss the storyline and after watching the first two episodes Im convinced this show will be hella entertaining.

Alright, Im off to bed, but as a final note, do that sexy lip biting move ladies, and Im all yours ;-)

Not that I've exactly been playing hard to get or anything...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Shooting in Pullman!

So last night someone I work with shot someone else in the face. He was arrested and for some reason, didnt show up for work today... mild humor...

I havent heard what it was about yet, but the news article I read said he started firing a shot gun and one of the shots caught the guy in the face. He is alive and will survive. They caught the kid that did the shooting and named an accomplish (who I think also works at SEL).

I've worked with this kid for over a year now (I say kid, but he is 20), you look at his life and you can see it lead up to this point unfortunately. I think he is a good kid and a hard worker if you can keep him focused, and I'd said as much to our supervisor several times. He definitely led a hard life that Im not going to go into here and this is definitely a turn for the worse.

Its been theoried that maybe it was some sort of accident, they were all being stupid together, playing with a gun and somebody got shot, and I hope thats true. He will still be in ALOT of trouble, but not nearly as much as attempted murder.

Anyway, for something more lighthearted.

Dont you just hate when there is light snow on the ground when you park your car, and then the snow melts and you look like a total spaz that doesnt know how to park your car? Yeah, that happened to me today.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Shoes... aghh... Shoes

I so very much hate to buy shoes. Ive waited far longer than I should have, the shoes Im wearing now are literally falling apart at the seems. I started shopping for new shoes about two weeks ago, went to three separate stores and couldn't find anything I liked. Im very picky when it comes to shoes for some reason.

I found a couple of styles I liked here and there, but nothing that fit right. I tend to be between a 12 and 13, generally I buy a 13, but sometimes I can get away with a 12W.

I went out again tonight and found three seperate shoes I liked, the first two I wanted weren't in stock in my size, so I went with the Black/DarkTan Skechers. I've been wearing my last pair of shoes for about 2 years now, so I guess I got my money's worth. Way better than kids shoes, which I have to buy every 3-4 months because of size fluctuations lol.

I went grocery shopping tonight, I hate Winco, sure they have good prices, but they don't accept credit. I dont know my F'ing Pin for my card and I ALWAYS forget that they dont accept Credit. Its a pretty lame combination of events really.

The boys had fun with Grandma this weekend, I certainly didn't get as much done as I planned. I stayed up way too late last night dicking around and then I slept in until noon today lol. I did organize some stuff, but Ive got a lot of work ahead of me. I re-arranged my living room and I am going through some things finally that I've put off since I moved in, so everything is just Out right now.

I guess I should make this short, the power has gone off twice so far tonight, each time I heard a transformer explode too, so thats no good.

Anyway, I hope everyone has a good St. Patricks Day this week.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Date Tonight

Hey All, just some brief info, this won't be nearly as long as the last blog 

I went to see my Grandma on Wednesday, she had just been moved out of ICU a couple of hours prior to my getting there. She is still in a fairly restricted section of the hospital though, the boys and I all had to wear gowns, gloves and masks to see her. She was very happy to see us! Pretty emotional though, understandably.

She said that earlier that day she woke up and couldn't remember her name, and information wasn't coming to her very well. I think she forgot my mom's name a few times while we were there, not that she stopped recognizing her or anything.

That was also the day of my mom's birthday, the big 4-9 lol, one more year and she'll be half a century old! Wow, if my mom is 49 this year, that means I will be 29! I only get better with age ladies 

For my mom's birthday I wasn't quite sure what to get her. I had checked out Cricuts online (those scrapbooking printer things that cut out designs for you to use), but they were kind of pricey. It was suggested that she might enjoy a 'Spa Day' or something, which I was about to look into when a girl at work posted her Cricut for sale! She had upgraded to a newer model and I quickly got my hands on her old one and gave it to my mom who was really excited!

Then I took her and the boys out to dinner after we visted my Grandma that night. I think she had a good time, I hope so, shes had a hard couple of months, keeping her life pretty much focused on helping my grandma and grandpa through all this.

Im hopfully going to see my Grandma again today too. Then my mom is going to watch the boys for me while I go on a date this evening. The date might get cancelled because as of yesterday Heather was sick, considering how bad her cough sounded yesterday I wouldn't be suprised, she will call me sometime this morning to let me know for sure.

Oh and on a final note, we had chinese food for lunch at work yesterday and I got a really ridiculous fortune in my cookie.

"Travelling to the south will bring you unexpected happiness"

I took this as it refering to the Southern States and just though to myself, thats ridiculous. Then I realized that they must be playing to the crowd that always play the 'in bed' game.

"Travelling to the south will bring you unexpected happiness in bed" lol
"travelling to the south in bed will bring you unexpected happiness" again lol

As funny as that is though, Im baffled as to how that 'happiness' is at all 'unexpected'. 

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Things Are... Interesting

Ok, so its been almost a month since my last blog. I don't normally go this long between them. I've had a couple different people ask me why I haven't been blogging, and I've definitely wanted to, but when it came time to write, I just wasn't ready.

One thing throwing me off track a bit would be my grandparents. Things aren't going so hot. My grandma has been in the hospital since mid january, she just had her 4th surgery during that time on this last friday. There were complications and she was in surgery for 7 1/2 to 8 hours or something. Im hoping things start to look up now, but I've said that before. Its really not my place to announce the specifics to the world, but after the complications in this last surgery, her day to day life will be changed forever. She has been really emotional and sad in ICU while recovering from her surgery.

To make things a bit worse, my grandpa had a bit of an incident a few weeks ago, it prompted us to send him down to live with my Uncle in Boise until my grandma is feeling better. Im going to ease  you into what happened with my grandpa. First Id like to say that, when I was told what happened my reaction on the phone was "my god, that horrifying" and then I followed up with "and.. im trying... not to see the humor in the situation".

I, in fact, was horrified, its a shock. But at the same time, as guilty as it makes you feel, its going to be one of those semi-funny stories that we tell each other 10-20 years down the road.

Anyway, just really quick, he is confused because of his Dementia and the doctor said that people in his state sometimes go to a bit more extreme lengths when responding to things. In this case, he felt constipated for a few days, so he took matter into his own hands and ended up getting a Curtain Rod stuck in his rectum, it had to be removed in the emergency room, and I applaud my mom for being such a trooper through a very abnormal situation.

Things are moving a long a bit slowly on the school front, its still being worked on though. I just had a meeting with my Work Advisor about the benefit yesterday and I am preparing for a Fall start instead of a summer start. The benefit Due date was coming up pretty fast for the Summer time and I really felt like I was rushing when I really want to just take things one step at a time.

Well, things between Nicole and I seem to have regressed a bit (I think thats the right word), nothing negative is happening, but things are back to her and I just not speaking much. This was prompted by the bomb I dropped on her about our taxes last year. After getting advice from a friend of mine and my lawyer, we decided that the agreed way for Nicole and I to handle Taxes would start with our 2008 taxes and not our 2007 taxes, since 2007 had already ended before the agreement was in place. That means that Nicole filed her taxes incorrectly last year and will need to submit them again and probably owe money to the IRS.

Im not 100% sure she is filing her taxes correctly to begin with. But speaking of Taxes, I got mine a bit ago. Went ahead and treated us to a 62" DLP Projection TV, I originally wasnt going to buy one, but I got a good deal from a guy at work. I've put a lot of the money from the refund in the bank, I'll need to pay for school on my own at times, the work benefit is a reimbursement, sometimes the money comes through in time to actually pay for school with it, but other times it will come after I will have needed to pay already.

I had a hell of a time setting up my living room for the new TV, it was mind bogglingly difficult. I got it to where I like it right now. Unfortunatly I think the TV might have gotten misaligned while in transport, the screen is a bit messed up, It should be totally fixable though. Hopefully.

I have a date this Saturday, hopefully to go see a movie, and maybe dinner. I've been watching a lot of kids movies in theater lately and Id really like to get out to one that is for a little older audience. I will be taking Heather, it will be our fourth date! Its been awhile since our third date, I kind of took a step back because of the whole deal about her just looking for something casual, maybe dating other guys too and such.

She is really cool, but Im not sure how to read the situation and Im really not sure how to proceed.

I've thought about putting my kids in Church. Im not a very religious person, I have my beliefs, and they are like most peoples beliefs, minus some pretty big ommisions. At the same time, the conclusions I've come to are not ones I want to teach my children, if they came to the same conclusions in the end, I would be ecstatic.

The fact is, I feel like I am neglecting their faith. Robbing them of something that is an important part of many peoples lives and I think it could really benefit them. Unfortunatly it can also stand in the way as it does with many many people. I thought I had found a church for the boys to go to, several people I know go there, I've had several discussions about the beliefs this particular church holds.

I ended up coming across some deal breaking information. Science and how a prospective church deals with Science, are very important to me. Its already a very very hard decision for me to place my children in an enviorment that is teaching my children things I essentially don't believe, but I can't put them into a situation that teaches them things that are the opposite of what I believe, or that hamper my views on Science.

Science is fucking science, there is no possible way to prove that god does or does not exist with it, you either believe he exists or you dont, and if you DO believe he exists, you must simply accept that all things prooven or theorized in science are within the realm of things God created, just because we have a different understanding of how the world works now, just not take away your faith in Why it works, or how it came about to work like that. Therefore, I can not put my kids into a church that would teach them that something Scientific is not to be believed simply because someone believes it isn't in line with thier Faith. Anyway...

Well, I am in for a pretty exciting few weeks. Im really looking forward to my date this weekend, I got to hang out with Heather just a few days ago at a 1 year old's birthday party! lol. The present I got seemed to be a big hit, I got this cool Mozart Cube thing I found on, I played with it a bunch and it was super cool. Heather and I dont get to see or talk much because she works evenings, and Im a single parent, so outside of this birthday party and the 2 minutes we see each other at work, its pretty much just the dates. This will be our 4th date, as I said above, but our first date was back at the end of December.

Then at the end of March we are going to Bellingham to visit the cousins. After I drop the boys off at the airport to fly down and see their mom, I will get to visit my friend Sarah too, which will be super cool. Looks like we will slum around Seattle for the day. Then when I go to pick the boys up the following weekend we will get to see Sarah again and hopefully do something fun. I dont get to seattle as much as I used to. The last time was for Bumbershoot and a Coug game and it was awesome.

Very soon I will have a 6 year old and a 7 1/2 year old. By October this year I will be halfway to my youngest son becoming a teenager!

Well, I think I should wrap it up. I wanted to talk about politics a bit, but I guess that will have to wait lol. I will post one story that I wanted to blog about when it happened.

When I got my tax refund, the boys decided they really wanted a new basketball, and this time, they wanted a Cougar one. Well, its more than twice as much for a cougar one, but they were pretty smooth and convinced me to buy it for them.

Two hours or so later I find myself running down the side of a stream, as the ball rapidly floated off. I almost fell in the water several tmes trying to get it, fortunatly I just slipped and fell in the mud a few times instead lol. I had mud all up and down my pants and arms and I still didnt get the ball yet.

Well it went under the hotel right by our apartment, we went to the other end and crossed the street to hopefully see it come out the other side. I told the boys there was a good chance it would just get stuck under there and we wouldnt ever get it.

Fortunatly we had a bit of luck (yeah, thats what im calling it, lucky), it DID come out the other side and ended up going into a still section of the stream instead of continuing down the main part of it. I had to crawl underneath some railroad tracks and sink deep into the mud and reach out with a stick to get it close enough to pick up, fortunatly we got it back and with the stream water it looks like its 50 years old. But we got it back!! Money well spend lol.

Ok, Im out, everybody have a good week.