Sunday, February 15, 2009

One Day Longer

I really wish this weekend would be just One Day Longer (as the title of the blog suggests). Im going to go to bed soon after I write this, hopefully I sleep all right, but lately Ive been waking up sporadically at night, having lots of dreams as well.

I didn't really feel that my date on saturday night (valentine's day) went well. I wanted it to go well, but I really got the feeling once it started that she wasn't interested at all. I've never been the best at reading women, so I accept that I could be wrong. She said she was shy beforehand, and she had a long night before our date, so I know she was shy and tired and such, but she barely even looked in my direction, and it seemed like neither one of us had much of anything to say.

Anyway, we'll see what Monday brings.

Its come time to write my proposal to my employer for school. I need to lay out an education plan and projected costs associated with it, and I need to essentially write a very convincing essay on why I should receive the benefit and how it will benefit the company.

My confidence level is high, but it feels pretty hefty knowing just how much relies on how they like the proposal. It will be the difference between whether I can go to school or not in the next couple of years.

Statistics also seem to lean in my favor in this, they said the education benefit has only been denied to one applicant in its entire history, and they indicated that was a very extreme circumstance.

Im starting to feel a lot better, lately I have been in kind of a funk, I think mostly over my Grandma's situation, after I saw her in person and held her hand, part of me just fell apart. She seems to be doing quite a bit better now.

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