Saturday, January 24, 2009


Hey all, just wanted to post a quick update. First I would like to say that my Grandma got really sick due to a really bad infection, she went to the hospital and the found a rather large tumor that grew onto her ovary. She went through surgery earlier today, Im kind of out of the main loop, it sounds like the surgery went ok but they weren't able to remove the tumor yet (though the doctor said he is now 'pretty sure' that its not cancer). They have to conduct another surgery and do some things I'd rather not mention in my blog, and hopefully they will remove the tumor at that time and do a biopsy on it or whatever and determine if it is cancer or not (as I don't really accept it when a doctor says he is 'pretty sure', oh sir is it possibly correct that in your professional opinion you may or may not be certain that my grandmother does or does not have cancer)

The Cub Scout Pinewood Derby happened tonight and it was a whole TON OF FUN! All the boys seemed to have a GREAT time! Jadon won first place in our Den (just out of our 5 little scouts, they all did great!) and it seemed like he was a contender for the top 4 in the pack, though he didn't come away with a trophy this year. He sounds like he wants to take it up a notch next year and try and bring home a trophy.

Siblings got to compete a little as well, they had a side race that was just the little brothers and sister. I let Tristan use the car that I made back in the 3rd grade (holy crap, 20 years ago) and he was really excited to participate and he can't wait to build his own next year.

I have that quick Coffee date tomorrow, not really sure what to expect, but I am feeling pretty good and I am hoping for the best!

As a final note, my friend Russ just got two job offers from a company based out of Baltimore. He may be moving there, or he may just end up there for 4 months for training and then he could end up pretty much anywhere in the US, well, anywhere major. He thinks that if he goes that route that they will try to keep him closer to home, so we are hoping for Seattle, Bellingham, Portland, and I think I heard that even Spokane might be an option. Though I doubt it anytime this year.

Im not going to say we stopped being friends for awhile, but he and I went through kind of a rough patch for a few years, mostly during my marriage to Nicole (though that was coincidental lol). He and I have been friends since the 3rd grade and I find it strange that we came back together just in time to help each other through some pretty tough issues. A lot has happened to the both of us in the last 3 years, and it seems to me that things are finally starting to swing our ways again.

Good Luck My Friend.

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  1. Russ:
    Yeah it sucks that I have to leave the area for this, but it should be fun. hell I think we talk more on Wow and Gmail right now than in person anyways.
    Hopefully Wizards will get their D&D insider stuff up and running then we can do d&d too!