Monday, January 19, 2009

have you Scene It!

So I've been over to play games with some friends a few times in thelast week. Aside from some of the normal games we play (like Settlersof Catan and Munchkin) we broke out some stuff we got for Christmas.

SCENE IT! Id played the original a few times awhile back and knew itwas awesome. Now between my friends and I we have the newest version ofScene It! and we have the Disney, Harry Potter and Friends editionstoo. We went ahead and tried them all!!

Scene It! is a fun game, I am glad I finally got to try out my SceneIt! Friends edition. There are really only a couple of people that Ithought might play this with me and neither of them are in my lifeanymore (one of them is not 'allowed' to play games with me either, godI love how jealous my ex-wife's boyfriend is). It was actually prettysick though, I dominated them pretty badly. They've seen most orperhaps all of Friends, but nothing near the level that I have gone towith it lol.

Speaking of games, I am hoping to have a couple friends over thiscoming weekend to play some Wii and have dinner. Should be fun, haven'tfinalized if it will happen this weekend yet or not.

Not to get all serious all of a sudden, but Im feeling really lonely. Iwas alone (relationship wise) until I was 21 years old. I didn't reallymake the time for it when I was younger, and the mad flirting skills Ihave now were non-existent back then (lol). It is for lack of tryingfor certain, and I am sure i could run off a massive list of reasonswhy, but honestly I was probably just scared.

Suddenly I get married and have a family, still no experience dating atall ofcourse lol. What I think I miss the most about being married isthat I had someone, and I was comfortable, I didnt feel the pressure offinding someone, or anything like that. Not that I ever felt likeNicole accepted me for who I was at all.

I kind of dated someone semi-regularly back in early 2007, but Ifreaked out once feelings got in the open. Then I officially starteddating after my divorce was finalized in early 2008. I still remembermy first date after that, I went out with Bre in CDA, I was so nervous,I was stuttering (which I almost never do), I was really shy. I was atotal mess. I had fun and I hope she did too, but still, I didn't feelready to be going out.

The next date I had went about the same, was a month or so later. ThenI jumped in too deep with someone that was way long distance that I hadmet through a old high school friend.

I went on a date with a really nice girl in Spokane about 3-4 monthsago, and then in December I went on my first date with Heather, then wehad our 2nd date 2 weeks later.

I felt like every time I got more comfortable and got better at datingin general. But when I go out with Heather its like my first date withBre all over again, I'm not doing quite as bad, but Im definitely notputting my best foot forward.

I dont want to jump into anything too quick, and I don't want to scaresomeone off because I am either way too nervous, or way too serious. Imean, I want to be dating someone, and having fun with them and takingthings slowly and carefully. But at the same time I always have on mymind that I want to keep things moving forward and I always rememberthat I do want to be married again, and I do want to have more childrenand I dont want my boys to be in High School or beyond when those newlittle bundles of Joy come along.

I mean, its not like my biological clock is ticking or anything, but Iwould like things to be planned out and done in a timely mannerregardless.

Its made even harder by the fact that a lot of the people I hang outwith are a 'couple' so I tend to be the odd man out, and sometimes Ijust plain feel out of place doing things with a couple. 

Anyway, I will, as always, keep my blog up to date on my datingsituation lol. Im not even really sure who, if anybody, reads itanymore. I know that I do! lol

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