Friday, January 30, 2009

Grandma Update & Superbowl

I just wanted to give everyone a brief update on my grandma. As I mentioned in a previous blog, she went into the hospital on Wednesday night of last week due to some complications with a nasty infection and some other issues. They found out it was all caused by this large growth next to or on one of her ovaries or something.

Well they did surgery on friday and managed to correct a lot of issues caused by it, but because of where they entered at they werent able to get the growth out, Im not too sure what was up, something about having to keep her under for another several hours (dangerous) and her muscles tightening.

So they did some good, but it wasn't over. They gave the opinion that that growth is most likely not cancer ( and I gave my opinion of what I think of them giving an opinion when they should just be giving us facts ).

Well, the following Monday (earlier this week) I guess they did another surgery or something, I didnt hear much about this one. She was supposed to go home after that and schedule a surgery for when the specialist was next available or something.

Well they decided she was too weak to leave the hospital, so she is still in the hospital. She has another surgery this coming monday and they will be correcting some major issues and removing the growth. After that they suggested that she would need to remain in the hospital at least 6-10 more days to recover.

I just spoke to her, she sounds like she is doing pretty well.

Well, I hope everyone has a good Superbowl Weekend, I am rooting for the Kurt-Warner-Show, sometimes known as the Cardinals. Going over to my friend Amandas house to chill out and watch the game.


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