Friday, January 30, 2009


I've mentioned Fringe a few times in my blog, its a TV show, I like it. The last couple episodes I havent seen much of the overall plot line though, which is the opposite of what I expected.

One problem I had with last weeks episode was, they built this guy up as a regular and fairly ominous antagonist in the show, then in one fell swoop they reveal who he is and then kill him off. Now, it was a good episode, but I just feel that they should have spread that out more, have her find out who he really is and then deal with it in a few episodes.

This weeks episode was good, though the part with the little girl and the laptop came out ok, I was pretty on edge thinking the worst!

So I still have hopes for Fringe, it is good, but at times its not quite as good as I was hoping.

Now, Lost is good. or Goo OOO OOd. Its had its ups and downs, but overall its been an amazing show and season five is up there as one of the best Seasons yet, even rivaling the excitement of the first season, which I am sure no one thought was possible. Last nights episode in particular was very exciting and revealed some serious Shizit.

Anyway, just wanted to write something. Talk to ya later YO

-J. Jordan Bishop the First
hells yeah

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