Thursday, November 13, 2008

Was President Bush ever in your Dreams?

Just another quick blog. I wanted to describe a weird dream I had last night.

I know it was longer than this, but as with many dreams, some parts are very blurry. I dont remember dreams very often so when I do I try to share them.

There was definitly something at the beginning of this dream that I can't recall, but what I can remember starts with me and some friends sitting on some metal bleachers by a lake. There is a big crowd.

On my right, or what seems to be my right, President Bush (with a very very fat head) rides up towards the bleachers. He is riding a gigantic pig, the left side of the pig is painted Red and the RIght side of the pig is painted blue (I thought of this at work, but perhaps president bush being White was meant to reflect Red White and Blue??). He turned his pig to face the lake and sat there.

Some wierd ceremony started and this guy that I somehow recognized started driving a very very large fishing boat with I would approximate 18 or so Cub Scouts in full uniform. Not far off the shore the boat suddenly sank into the water and all of the cub scouts with it.

I got up, no one was doing anything, no one even seemed worried at all. President Bush was only watching, as was his Pig I assume. I ran to the lake, jumped in, and in a single action I saved all of the Cub Scouts and raised the boat above water. But the man driving the boat, who I at this point in the dream I am certain is Sinister, is no where to be seen.

Then I look over and President Bush and his Pig are no where to be found.

Then I wake up.

Enjoy Analyzing that one...

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  1. Angie:
    Creepy. Are you sure this wasn't a nightmare? You didn't wake up in a puddle of sweat? Weird. It has to mean something right? I have this repeated dream that I am in a public restroom (yuck!) and I am looking for an open stall, I search under the doors and I see the pink feet of a flamingo...I swear I don't do drugs....