Sunday, September 14, 2008

Wow, I do know how to use a Dishwasher! In Your Face Ladies!

So I've hit 30+ Washer/Dryer loads for the week. Glad I don't have to pay the Water Bill! Only on my second load in the Dishwasher though... Seems to work well, I mean, technically I am washing clean dishes, but better to be safe rather than sorry after 2 1/2 years packed away. My Ex-Wife and my Mother would both be suprised I even know how to use the damned thing. :-P I also know how to do laundry (especially after this week), take out the garbage, fold/hang clothes, vacuum, wipe off the table and counters, cook, and I've even been teaching myself the fine art of folding Towels and Blankets. HEY! You're talkin to a boyscout ladies, I used to fold a Flag. :-D

No Joke though, its Saturday and I've made some serious progress. Aside from actually doing every single thing on the above list of chores today (aside from the Flag ofcourse). Ive gone through all of Nicole's stuff and ferreted out the stuff that is mine or the boy's. Re-boxed it and stuck it in a corner. Its only like 5 giant boxes and 6 smaller boxes of things... doesnt take much space at all...

We're figuring it out though, as Ive said in my blog recently, she and I are getting along really well again and I think it will only get better. Though this week she has been fairly unavailable, she's passing a kidney stone!

All the boxes are out of the kitchen, which I would place at about 75% complete. I still need to go through and finish cleaning every dish I own. I also need to go through and wipe down all the different appliances and make sure they are presentable (I got my Quasadilla maker back!!). At that point I will need to organize all the various types of food Ive got in my cupboards and where I want everything to go... damnit, Im downgrading the kitchen to 50% done...

The living room is looking great, everything is in its place. Ive got some things hanging out in there for now until I can finish going through everything, but all the big boxes are gone and its mostly just computer stuff, movies and books. Im going to put it at a solid 70% done. But its going to be stuck there for at least a week until I can afford to buy some new media storage and book shelves.

The storage room is cleaned and swept and very organized. Ive got Nicoles stuff in one corner, Christmas and other holidays in a corner and some Misc. stuff in there too. Plus the boy's bikes which Ive kept very accessible.

Upstairs isnt as far along. The.. linen closet? or whatever. Is looking good, just been folding stuff and filling it with all the extra towels, sheets, blankets and so forth. The bathrooms are in good shape for now, still need to put some of my stuff away though.

The boys bedroom is filled to the brim with Toys, unsorted, unorganized and its only half of them. When we moved here the boy's toys were in storage 300+ miles away. So slowly their collection built up again. Now they have ALL their old toys, ALL my old toys and ALL of the stuff they've collected over the past 2 1/2 years.... suffice to say its time to go through and Purge. Ive got a whole box full of stuff I am getting rid of, and I think I will have a couple boxes full of toys I plan on getting rid of too. I also need to find a new home for Tristan's Fire Truck bed, which is still in great shape.

My Bedroom, has some stuff stored, had every emtpy box or container that is in good enough shape to reuse and has ALL of the clothes and blankets and stuff that I have been cleaning but havent had time to put away. Ive put a few loads away here and there, but ultimatly I had to prioritize. I have a pile of stuff I need to go through again, things that are either the right size and stained (thus need special attention) or too big and need to be put away for a later date, or too small and I am getting rid of it. Then there is the pile of stuff I havent gone though yet, and then a pile of stuff I have gone through and folded or prepared for hangers. The only reason those arent done is because I go through them late at night when the boys are sleeping.

Ultimatly Ive made a ton of progress today. Ive stayed up working on this stuff until 1am for the last 3 nights and I am beat! its only 9, but Ive been doing it all day! I wish it were a week day, work is like a break compared to this! lol, just kidding.

I do still have a lot at my moms house and even some stuff at russes. Games, Hobby Stuff, old collections from when I was a kid, a few odd boxes here and there, half the boys toys and all of their books. So Ive still got quite a bit of work ahead of me.

Ok, time to switch gears. I only saw bits and pieces of the cougar game on Friday night, but their offense had some massive improvement in the first half of the game, compared to the two previous games. I think with a little time invested that the Jr. Quarterback Lupina is the right choice. He has a good accurate arm, he is able to make plays under pressure and he seems more comfortable with the no huddle offense. 2 interceptions and a Fumble that bounced off his helmet dont look so good, but he did WAY better than any other Cougar QB this year so far. Almost half our F'ing conference is in the top 25, even with a good team we would be near the bottom of the pack most likely, I just want us to get our hearts back into the game and play like Cougs again!

Former Cougar QB Alex Brink got cut from the Houston Texans. Not unexpected, but still unfortunate. I still have hopes for Jason Hill on the 49ers and Michael Bumpbus on the Seahawks. We'll see.

I also have some bad news on the Grandparents front. My Grandma has Bronchitis right now, and the fluid from it is causing her heart to enlarge and the docters are a bit worried. She already has heart problems. She isn't in the hospital or anything, but my mom was really worried. Ive called my grandma to check up on her a few times today and yesterday. She is sounding better every time we talk.

Also, many of you know that my Grandfather has been suffering from Dementia/Alcheimers. 2 1/2 years ago when I first moved back here with the boys, he was just a retired version of my grandpa that Ive had around all my life. Only a few months later did my mom and grandma take me aside and tell me some of their concerns, he has a family history of dementia, and they believed he was starting to show signs of it. My Uncles did not agree with them at the time, but I decided to keep a closer eye on him.

It didn't take long before it was obvious to everyone. I wouldn't call it gradual at all, it noticibly jumps and gets worse at times, but then shrinks back a little to make him seem almost ok. For the last 2 years almost he has been nearly a completely different person.

Well, a recent cat scan showed us that in the last 2 years he has also suffered two minor Strokes...

Thats all I really have to say about that right now, my grandparents are very important to me and are a big part of the man I've become.

One last thing to discuss. My Dad. I'm never really sure what to think, or do. I'm 28 years old and I haven't seen him since I was 13. And before that I hadn't seen him since I was 7, and before that I was just a baby when I saw him.

A couple of years ago, probably in 2004, I decided to find his number and give him a call. I think it was summer time or something because my Brother and Sister were with him as well. I spoke with all three of them for awhile and I think we conversed back and forth a few more times. They sent the boys some christmas presents that year.

It didn't take long for communication to dry up again. Well, going through all my old stuff I came across an envelope. It was set to go to my Dad's address, it was sealed and had a stamp on it and everything. I couldn't figure out why I had it, or why it wasn't sent out 4 years ago, so I opened it and found a picture of each of the boys in it. I never sent him the pictures and I don't know why. Was it a concious decision? was it just a mistake?

I started talking to my brother online last year, we still chat from time to time. Still havent seen him in 14 years, since he was 1 years old, or his sister since she was 4. I want to though. I haven't talked to my Dad yet, not sure about it really. Who is he? I mean, I know his name, but beyond that, I really don't know. I plan on sending him school pictures this year, I made sure to order enough for him.

I hope I send them out, and Im sure I will this time. It seems like a no brainer right? Its not though, He's my dad, but at the same time, I dont have a dad. He has two awesome grandchildren, but at the same time, he doesn't. I guess that weird feeling deep in my gut is just me being nervous.

When I send these pictures, I guess I am just hoping that he wants them.

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