Saturday, September 6, 2008

This is Jason... signing off...

LOL Hey all, I just wanted to let you know that I am probably shutting down my computer tonight and moving it in the morning. I may not be online for a couple of days.

I know you're not all internet junkies like I am, but still, DONT PANIC! I will return!

If Ive sent you a message that I am expecting a response from then TXT my phone, assuming you have the number, I'm not handing it out on here so if you need my number just let me know.

YaY for moving! Long time coming, been officially divorced for 4 months now, signed the lease the day the boys arrived home from Phoenix and now its time for the final push. The finale so to speak. Though without fireworks.

For those in the area, or out, who want to come and visit my new apartment (YAY) just let me know and we will hook up for dinner sometime. For once I finally feel like I have my own space and life again.

Its all been so focused on the divorce and the custody battle for so long, well, I've won and this is part of my reward. A life with just the boys and I, and apparently their future step mom which they keep telling people about (I guess I cant wait to meet her, I hope they didn't pick her out for me).


Damn this thing got long and sounds like one of my blogs, oh well, Guess Ill have to post it there too

Peace Out!

See you on the Flip Side.

And so on.


(see, told you I would post it as a blog too, damn I meant for the Bullitin thing to be like maybe a paragraph and it became this mini monster of a text)

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