Monday, September 29, 2008

Im not anal, Im just very specific

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Im tired and havent gone through my pics yet, so I will keep this fairly short (but dont hold me to that). Once I get some pics done I will blog again.

Its been a busy week! I would say I haven't gotten as much done with my new apartment as I should have, but that wouldn't be true. What IS true is that I have gotten a significant amount done, way more than I thought, but there is just so much more to do than I had anticipated that despite the amount of work I have done, there is still a large amount of work left.

This is due entirely who I am, I am certain that a majority of people would be done by now, but my need to do things in specific ways and put everything in its specific place... well, if I dont do it now I will procrastinate and never get it done.

I got half way through the boy's bedroom today, its a massive undertaking. If you know how many toys my kids had at my mom's house, well, double it. So I've gone through some of them.

I set up the furniture in their bedroom and essentially put all thier stuff in the middle of the floor in a pile. I have 4 locations I am placing stuff as I go through it: 1) Keep Pile 2) Maybe Keep, depending on if it is complete 3) Give Away 4) Garbage. So far we are on track to keep about half of the items.

As you may recall I ended up doing 40+ loads of Laundry in the first 2 weeks I was in the new place. It was horrid and on average I need to do about 6-7 loads of laundry per week at a normal level.

Anyway, I had set aside everything that was stained or too small, which made up 6 whole totes of clothes. I went through those today and picked out the stained items so I could try and fix them (most came out well) and then I managed to fit the rest into 3 totes, but folded as tight as possible. These are going to be given away.

We went to a Cubscout activity, which I will post pics of when I get the chance this week. It was a lot of fun, the boys did a lot of cool activities (Ill explain them when I have the pics of them in action). The on sucky thing that happened though, is one of our Cubs accidently stepped on a Yellow Jacket nest, Jadon had one fly into his hat and sting him, but the kid who stepped on it got the brunt of their fury. He got stung 6 times, 4 of which were on his neck.

They both survived and pulled out a fun day, it was really nice out all weekend here.

Well, I will post more later this week, but before I go I wanted to mention that I've met someone new. We actually kind of met several months back, and we've talked off and on. Well recently we found ourselves to both be available and we are planning out a date, hopefully the first of many. It has been really nice talking with her this week, she is amazing and very beautiful and she has two beautiful daughters as well. As a note, we have talked about how careful we want to be to not involve either set of kids too early if we do get involved with each other, which is the plan :).

Anyway all, Im off! Have a good week.

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