Saturday, September 13, 2008

Fringe and More

Hello! This is my first post to my new Blog! Normally I blog on MySpace, but I want to try something new and more exciting. This is really going to be a test post while I tweak the look and feel of my new blog.

Just for fun I wanted to talk about the TV Shows I am going to be following this season.

1) Lost
I started watching lost right as the Season 2 DVD was released, I watched the first season in a whole weekend and then the second season the next weekend and I was hooked! Its been up and down but overall I think the show is doing really well. Supposedly this will be the fifth and final season. After the season finale I am super psyched to see what comes next.

2) Smallville
I was always a Superman fan when I was a kid, but I was totally opposed to watching anything on The WB network. Then one day while Nicole was at work I landed on Smallville. It turned out to be the season finale for season 3 I believe and it hooked me in pretty good. I became a big fan at that point, but I am not very confident about the future of the series. Lex Luthor has left the show and even though the show was meant to be about Clark Kent coming into his own and showing the story about him before he was superman, it really became a show about Good vs. Evil, Clark vs. Lex, Friends becoming mortal enemies. Season 4 aside, most seasons are plagued by a lack of overall plot, expept for the first couple, last couple and maybe one or two episodes in the middle. The rest are all one shots and that kind of puts me off.

3) Supernatural
This one is by far one of my favorite shows of all time! Season 4 of Smallville had Jensen Ackles and I really liked the actor. During the season they killed off his character, during the finale I believe, but the very next season of television Jensen was starring along with Jared Padalecki in a new show on The WB called Supernatural. Even though I liked Smallville I wasn't too sure about taking on another WB show. I forgot all about it and then landed on the show one night and I have watched every episode since. It follows two brothers who are always at odds but are both bad ass monster hunters essentially. They had a traumatic experience when they were kids, their mom was killed by a demon, their dad pretty much went crazy and became a "Hunter" hunting demons, and all sorts of other supernatural things. This season is promising to be amazing, Dean (Jensen Ackles) died at the end of the last season and this one picks up 4 months later and he is alive again somehow. If you like Horror/Suspense/Mystery at all then you will probably like this show, it is top notch and should be on a better network.

4) Heroes
The first season of this show was just plain crazy, I loved it! The 2nd season not so good, but I still liked it, it just could have been a crap ton better, and we all expected better after the first season. I have been watching the previews for this season and they look pretty good, so I have my hopes up.

5) Fringe
I just caught the series premiere of this show and as long as the next few episodes are just as good then this one is going to be amazing. It feels like Lost meets the X-Files, but from more of a CSI perspective.

6) Californication
This is a show on Showtime, I watched like 3 episodes one time and thought it was just the best show in the world. The characters and storylines are all amazing, there wasn't a bad episode. I finally caught them all on DVD (which I hope to buy sometime).

As a note, I don't have cable. I will be downloading all of the shows via Torrent and watching them on my computer. So I probably will see them several days after thier original broadcast.

Anyway, thats it for my first blog, lets see how this thing turns out!

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