Friday, September 5, 2008

Feeling kind of weird...

I honestly did not expect this, but this move is going to be a lot harder on me than I ever thought possible.

The last time I moved into my own apartment I was married, happily I thought, and birth predictions aside, 2 weeks later my wife would give birth to my 2nd born son Tristan.

Then, the other part is that I literally haven't seen this stuff in 2 1/2 years. Ive said that 1000 times in my blogs, but now I really feel the effect of it like I never thought I would.

Boxes I open, things I havent seen in years. Things I haven't seen since my wife walked out on me. March of 2006 was a living nightmare, my wife took the kids and flew to phoenix on the 4th of the month, I wasn't at my job and for the ENTIRE MONTH I just sat at home, alone... I couldnt watch anything on TV, I could only watch the show 'Friends'. I couldnt play video games, just one that I played online with my best friend at times. I couldn't sleep in my own bed without the warmth of my wife next to me and it devestated me every morning when I woke up and they were still gone. I was alone. I felt as empty as the apartment.

Im over most of the stuff from my divorce. Im not even upset with Nicole anymore. But this weekend will be like a trip through time. I will be opening up our boxes, setting up Nicole's and My apartment with all of our things.

I expected something, but I didn't expect this.

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