Saturday, September 20, 2008

Big Update!

Hello Hello

I'm going to start this off by saying this isn't going to be as big of an update as I had planned. I wanted to wait until my Apartment was 100% finished but that's just not going to happen anytime soon. I need to sort through all the kids toys and clothes, I need to sort through all of my old pictures and albums and i need to get all my hobby stuff situated. Fortunately most of that is upstairs so I am going to have the downstairs as done as possible by the end of the weekend.

I would like to just take a moment to thank Firefox, if it wasn't for you I would have misspelled the word Fortunately! LOL. I really do know how to spell "fortunately" it was just a typing error, I swear.

Those of you who knew me while I was going through my divorce know just how hard it was for me to essentially put my entire life on hold to get through the battle. The fact is, I tried to move forward with some things but they would just fall by the way side while Trial after Trial got canceled (Thanks FireFox, now I know that 'canceled' only gets one 'L' and not two). I would just postpone everything until "after" my divorce, but 90 days became 6 months, and then 6 months became a year, and I had already waited a year just to file prior to that.

2 1/2 years later, here I sit. I got a new job the same week I filed for Divorce. Since my divorce ended Ive transfered to a better Department with a bit of a raise. I have a better shift to be able to take care of my boys. And just recently I was given a $2000 per year raise, this was in response to SEL raising the minimum amount of money they give to new hires and we all reaped the benefit of that.

So since my divorce I have improved my job situation quite a bit. As you also know I've moved into my own apartment finally. I signed the lease just 3 months after my divorce ended and I've been officially living here for 2 weeks now. Still lots of work to go but I do have some pictures of my nearly finished living room (take note, once I've gone through all my pictures, several pics will be added to the walls).

I am very nearly done with the kitchen and I will post pictures of that when I am ready. There is really a lot of space in the living room. The main thing I need to get are lamps. I want to add two lamps to the room as the only lighting I have for that room comes from the really bright light at the bottom of the stairs. Unfortunately if that is on then the really bright light at the Top of the stairs is on too, and illuminates the kids room way too much.

The worst thing right now is that I've done over 40 loads of laundry (no joke) in the last two weeks and in order to get anything else done around the house I couldn't keep up with putting everything away. So that is what I will be doing for half the day Sunday, putting Clothes, Blankets, Towels and so on, away.

Here are 3 more pics and then Im moving onto another topic!

Alright, so the job situation has improved, the living situation has improved. Its time to talk about my future. As far as my future with SEL is concerned, I feel like that will be an excellent place for me to work as long as I stay in Pullman.

I am in talks with a school right now to start taking online coarses and working towards a Bachelor of Science in Business degree, my school has lots to choose from and I have a few I am interested in, one example focuses on Integrated Supply Chain and Operations Management. If everything goes according to plan then I will be starting in January of 2009, its really all about lining up the funding properly without spending anything (or very little) out of pocket and not using student loans.

Tristan is doing great in Kindergarten, twice this last week he told me how much he loves it and that they learn but they also get to play! He is really excited. Jadon is doing well in his new combined 1st Grade 2nd Grade class, he really likes his new teacher and he is getting a lot more attention than he would in a normal sized class.

Jadon also started Cub Scouts! I am really psyched about it! We picked up his uniform and book yesterday, the first meeting was on Thursday. He has asked me everyday since if we have Cub Scouts that night. There were only a few of us to start the Den and I was nominated by the other parents to start out as the Den Leader. It is going to be a lot of fun, its all about involving the parents too and we will get to meet lots of new people and do lots of cool activities.

Jadon's 7th birthday is coming up really soon too. On October 7th! I am planning his birthday party for October 12th, it is going to be a Mexican Food themed Potluck held at my new Apartment!

I said in another blog that I really want to save up and plan a trip to Greece with my boys for my 30th birthday. I decided to alter that, I want to keep the goal realistic and that is just going to be too expensive. I haven't decided what to replace it with, still a big vacation though. Any suggestions would be helpful. I still really want to go to Greece, but it will need to be a bit later in my life. It will be nicer when my boys are a bit older too, they will have more fun with the experience.

Once I get the opprotunity I will take pictures of Jadon in his Cub Scout uniform and post them. I am also going to take some pics of him wearing my old cub scout uniform! It will be really cute!

I watched the new episode of Fringe, I still really like the show, esspecially the humor they put in it at odd times. Like the cow, or when the old guy peed himself. And in the new episode when he was really fascinated with the seat that 'heated his ass' LOL.

I also watched the new episodes of Smallville and Supernatural. Both were good but Supernatural was amazing, this show gets better all the time and this season is looking to be amazing. I am pretty sure the show is only going to be 5 seasons long, which is sad, but I like really plot heavy stories in my movies, tv shows and books, so its the kind of thing I am into anyway.

On a final note before I sign off, things have been going really well between Nicole and I. I think I may have mentioned this recently too. Well apparently its making her 'boyfriend' uncomfortable and he told her he doesn't want us talking for long periods of time. I really want Nicole and I to be more than old aquantences who exhange kids from time to time, I think that is best for all 4 of us, and while I understand Eric's discomfort, what is best for my children and what is best for him won't always match. And not to sound rude, from a certain perspective (mine) you stole my wife so I don't really give a shit about your 'feelings'. I mean, she and I aren't blameless in the situation, but don't forget your place in this little family Eric. I certainly won't.

Well thats it for now everybody! Keep on reading and I'll keep on blogging! Well, I would probably blog even if I didnt have readers, but thank you for reading. I love writing and this is a way for me to share mine and my kids new life with everyone!

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