Wednesday, August 27, 2008

uhhh... can I fill out some more paperwork please?

God I love paperwork. Its just so fun to write the same stuff over and over and over and over again.

But honestly, with this much practice you think I would be a pro by now. I still make rookie mistakes though! The biggest one would have to be putting my own name where either Jadon or Tristan's names are supposed to go. And the 2nd biggest would be putting my birthdate where their birthdate's go or where todays date is supposed to go.

I rarely ever put the previous year, generally Ill put todays date and then 1980 (yes, Im getting old, but I am aging quite nicely if I do say so myself!).

Currently I am doing laundry (well, Im blogging, but laundry isn't as much work as it was a hundred years ago either), working out some stain issues on some of our shirts. I am also getting Jadon's backpack ready for his first day of school TOMMARROW!!! Which means I am working on.... dun dun dun.... more paperwork!

I signed up to help with the Science Fair this year and also to help do some things when the Pacific Science Center comes.

I got the keys to my new apartment today! I immediatly made an extra copy of each and bought a new padlock for my storage area. Moving is going to be nice, but I am really looking foreward to that day 2 weeks from now when the boys and I all wake up in our new apartment for the first time. With everything in the house being ours, with me providing everything we need. I hope that I've finally found a place to call home again, I haven't had that feeling since I lived in Everett.

We met with Jadon and Tristan's teachers today, saw some friends from Daycare and Sports. I signed Jadon up for Cub Scouts (WOO HOO) and its looking to be a busy year.

Considering since last monday I have pretty much been moving at a constant pace. Doing something after work everyday, filling out paperwork, turning paperwork in during my lunches, meeting up with people, signing things.

I am really excited for some cougar football this weekend, and a bunch of other things I've got planned with my friend Sarah. We don't get to see each other very often so we've planned an awesome Weekend! Its going to be a blast!!

Well, Ive got work to do and things to write and re-write (plus some actual fiction writing) to do, so I best get off the internet.

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  1. Angie:
    That is so AWESOME for you and the boys! I am so excited for you!! Are they going to have their own rooms, or share? Now, they get to invite friends over to "their" house! I bet you are just itching to decorate (or not, maybe it's me?) :) Good luck with the stains, I use Spray n wash, it works like magic, just spray it on, run it in and pop it in the washer machine! You are going to love participating in Cub Scouts with them, they so so many fun things, especially that incooperates their father!! Yay for you!!! Yours blogs are getting funnier, you can tell things are looking up for you! Love, Ang