Sunday, August 24, 2008


If I haven't said it before (and I know I have) IM MOVING! YaY!

I get the keys this wednesday, Ill hopfully move a few things in Wed and Thur night, then the following tuesday-friday I will move more stuff in. Anything I've got stored in someone's basement or garage or shack or whatever is going to be moved into my new townhouse by the night of September 5th. Then on September 6th and 7th I will proceed to move everything we are currently using, including ourselves!

Its been 2 1/2 years since I've seen 90% of this stuff. I hope all of my appliances still work! I hope there was no Mold or Rats or anything else! Should be ok.

It will be so great to finally get all of my momentos and pictures and stuff back. To live in my own Space again.

So yes, that is exciting. But what is also exciting is next weekend! I'll be spending the whole weekend in the Seattle Metro area doing all kinds of fun stuff! Its going to be a blast!

Speaking of which, one of the things I am doing is going to the Cougar Football Game! I've been keeping tabs on 4 cougars in the NFL so far this year and I am liking what I am seeing.

We'll start with Alex Brink, our Quarterback from last year. He is a rookie quarterback in the NFL this year, he was drafted to the Houston Texans. He played in the pre-season game against New Orleans. I don't expect him to play much, in fact I hope he doesn't! I think he might just have what it takes to be a really good QB in the NFL in a couple of years, but he needs to put in his time first.

Next I'll move over to Jason Hill, an awesome Reciever that moved onto the NFL. This will be his 2nd year with the San Francisco 49ers and his Pre-Season numbers are looking really good so far. In his last game he put up a touchdown and almost got to 100 recieving yards!

Now on to the Seattle Seahawks Cougars. Marcus Trufant, a favorite as always, doing good. Just watched a one on one interview with him on We all had his number painted on our faces when we went to a Seahawks game last year. But the Seahawks have a walk on Rookie Reciever named Michael Bumpus that has done some awesome things for the cougars! He has also been doing really well so far this pre-season, and with all the injuries and other issues the seahawks are having with their starting recievers I am hoping they definitly won't cut him, and he may even see some regular season play time as a rookie.

Also in Cougar news, while the boys and I were getting our Hairs cut at SuperCuts today the boys asked me about a cougar poster. Its the new poster with thier new coach Paul Wulff. I explained to the boys that they have a new coach and I told them his name. Suddenly to my right 2 heads swiveled in my direction, so I looked over and Awkward! Paul Wulff and his wife were sitting in the seats next to us!!!

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