Monday, August 4, 2008

daddy mac'll make ya JUMP JUMP

wikiti wikiti wikiti wak

2 weeks from today I'll have my two little mischief makers back! I'm super excited, I thought I would pick a new profile song with a little energy. Strangely, house of pain came out with "Jump Around" the same year Kris Kross did "Jump". Looking over the top 100 songs of 1992 makes me quite suprised I survived the early 90s at all. I guess I still listen to some of that stuff...

I am really liking my new position at SEL, I can work at my own pace which means I don't have to get bored waiting for all the slow pokes that worked in my last department. A slight raise, plus regular overtime, helps as well. Not a ton of overtime which is good, just enough to keep me happy :-D.

I AM SUPER EXCITED to get my kids back. Being a single parent raising two boys can be down right difficult at times. Hair Pulling, Pumpkin Kicking, Red in the Face, Road Raging, Scream at the Top of your Lungs D-I-F-F-I-C-U-L-T. But its also the most fun, amazing, rewarding experience of my life. As hard as it can be, it doesn't compare to my summer times without them, sure raising kids is a challenge, but letting someone else raise your kids for 2 months out of the year and having very little contact with the two most important people in your life is just plain obnoxious.

That someone else I mentioned is their mother, we'll see if they come back to me in one piece! lol! Im just joking, Nicole is a great mom and at some point during our horrid divorce/custody battle we both agreed that there would be no fight for custody if we didnt live so far away from each other (she likes living in 120 degree heat, and probably still wear sweaters).

It sounds to me like the boys have been having a whole TON of fun down in Phoenix, so I hope they aren't too disappointed when their boring ol' dad gets them back! They go down there rocking out to Queen, Muse, MC Hammer, Pearl Jam and many others, and they come back listening to Air Supply, Gwen Stefani, Jo Jo and the list goes on and on... lol. Nicole and I did have some overlapping music interests, but for the most part it was stuff the kids shouldn't be listening too (like Nirvana, System of a Down and so on).

My grandparents came up to visit over the weekend, we ate dinner and played 3 or 4 games, it was a lot of fun. I forgot my birthday present down at their house and I need to go get it. I've decided collecting maps is a hobby of mine, interesting ones, old ones, or just ones that have no meaning and look cool. Well, they gave me this Atlas that came out in the 1920s. It was a HUGE book and its an Atlas that completely focuses on a single County in Kansas. The county my Grandpa was born in.

Something far better than the gift itself is when I got to sit down with my Grandpa and go over it and he would look through it and tell me stories and point out places he had been, the farm he had been born on and lived on. Whenever I look at that atlas I will always think of that day, its more than just an awesome old book, its a piece of my Grandpa's life, a life with hopefully many more years to come.

Ummm, what else do I want to talk about? hmm, well, oh right!

Well I have lots of plans lined up for when the boys get back, one of which is the Cougar Football game in Seattle on August 30th! The boys got me 2 tickets for Fathers Day and they look like Great Seats! I am hoping to stay the whole weekend, if things go according to plan I am bringing the boys over and their Auntie Jen is going to pick them up and take them up to Bellingham to spend some time with my nephews while I take a friend to the cougar game. Not sure yet what I am going to be doing the rest of the weekend or where I am going to be staying, but it is going to be a TON of fun!

Alright, thats probably good for now,
This is the Daddy Mac, signing out! (no I don't normally go by that, just tying it in with the title people!)

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