Monday, June 2, 2008

41 Days to Start the Rest of my Life

Before I get into my love life let me give some updates on how the boys are doing. T-Ball is going really well, they started playing games. There are a few problems with them paying attention to their coaches (too busy talking! lol), but overall it is rounding out to be an excellent experience.

We have made the final arrangements for their summer, they will be flying down to Phoenix on June 28th and returning around August 18th. School ends in 2 weeks, its gone by so fast! Soon I will have a 1st Grader and a Kindergartner, still no gray hairs though (unlike their mother ).

Alright, time to start talking about my Love Life (cause I've got one now! woo hoo)! I've been getting lots of questions, my last blog was written before I had even had a chance to meet Kim. Let me start from the beginning.

41 days ago a beautiful woman named Kim came into my life. I very much feel as if we hit it off right away, we talked on the phone for hours on end each and every day/night. I have not gone a single day without spending time on the phone or in person with Kim since we met.

For both of us it seemed as though the more we found out about each other the more we just stepped back and said "wow, you're amazing". Kim is perfect for me in every way and I hope that I can make her as happy as she has made me.

After talking on the phone exclusivly for a whole Month we finally had the opprotunity to meet each other in person, just last weekend on my trip across the state.

She joined myself and my inlaws at the Pacific Science Center in Seattle, we were immediately very close, I felt a very strong bond with her. We parted ways and met up again later for our first real date. I have a serious love for Standup Comedy, so we started off our evening by going to a comedy club in downtown Seattle.

It was hilarious, I enjoyed myself, but the best part was being there with Kim and laughing with her and talking to her about the show. Afterwards we walked up the street to a nice little Thai resturaunt, it was fun, the food was decent but the girl I was with made the evening, we talked we flirted a little, we were very close.

Then we proceeded to walk to Seattle Center again, this time to go to the Space Needle. We went up and saw the city at night, it was simply amazing! We spent a long time up there just watching the city move, holding each other, talking and maybe a little more . A girl from Kentucky even told us we were a very cute couple! I probably blushed a little!

After that we went back to where our cars were. We sat and talked for awhile, it became very apparent that evening that we have an aweful lot of chemestry together. It was a very special night.

The next day we met up for another date, we started out by going to Mulkilteo where Kim took me on my very first Ferry Ride! It was a lot of fun! Then we headed to Alkai Beach, it was breathtaking. We ate at a little gourmet pizza place called The Pegasus, it was delicious.

Afterwards we went and sat together on the Beach for awhile, once the darkness had surrounded us and the bon fires were going strong, we decided to look for a blanket. We couldnt find one so we laid out a bunch of coats and other clothes and made a little blanket of our own!

Then we laid on the beach together under the stars and talked and cuddled and kept each other warm. Once the beach closed (at 11pm) we were both very tired, but didnt want to part ways just yet, so we headed into downtown Seattle yet again and went to see a movie late at night. We both fell asleep almost right away, we probably remember less than 25% of the movie overall, but it was still really nice and really cute in hindsight.

All in all it was an amazing first weekend!

Then just a few days later she came over to Pullman! We spent just about every moment together, spent some time in downtown Pullman the first night. We played Wii and spent a lot of time with friends on Saturday and Sunday, including a BBQ on Saturday. We drove around pullman some so she could see how its changed since she went to WSU.

We had a great weekend together and I am more convinced than ever that Kim is the perfect woman for me. We had a very emotional farewell, but we are already making arrangments to get together again in the very near future. :-)

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