Friday, May 2, 2008

Mr. Bloggy Bloggerson

It has been way longer than I expected it to be, but a new blog has finally arrived.

Football and Soccer both ended and now we have a slight break before T-Ball starts. Jadon made several goals during the game this season, including one in his final game on Wednesday of this week. The boys had a great time playing soccer this year and I know that Tristan is looking forward to next year when he is old enough to be in the more competetive version of Soccer.

IF he plays soccer next year. I would prefer to put them both in T-Ball and Basketball, they can handle all the sports we throw at them but I didnt plan for enough 'home' time so fewer sports will be better for us all.

Im not going to push those on them, I am certain they will both LOVE T-Ball and select that one, but so far its looking like Jadon will want to play Basketball and Tristan will want to play soccer, which is fine.

We got our Wii, it is freakin awesome and playing it with the boys can be HILARIOUS! We just picked up Mario Kart and it is hella cool. I also downloaded a couple old school games on the virtual console so I can play some games from my past with the boys.

My upcoming trips are falling into place, I just reserved my rental cars for my trip to Walla Walla and my trip up to Bellingham. I just need to confirm with people to make sure everything is set.

The boys and I will be driving down to Walla Walla to meet my brother and sister, and my dad my be there too. It will be really awesome, yet I also am pretty nervous about it. More excited than nervous though.

Then on Memorial Day weekend I am driving up to Bellingham to hang out with my nephews. Going to take my Wii and get some awesome Wii Action going between my boys and their cousins!! Will be a great time.

Also on my trip I will be meeting up with my friend Sarah and my new friend Kim! Sarah just got a new job in Lynnwood and she is pretty busy with it, but I will be talking to her this weekend to see how its been going. She sounds pretty happy to be back home!

We haven't known each other for very long, and we won't 'meet' for the first time until my trip up to Bellingham, but we have been talking non-stop since we met, including running my phone out of batteries twice. We have talked every night for several hours and then sometimes during the day, plus lots of messages and chatting on the internet as well.

I ran into a girl I went to school with named Katherine, I didnt realize it was her until after I left the store though, so I looked her up on MySpace and sent her a message telling her a saw her in a store. She and I chatted back and forth.

Oh, also I wanted to note that my Supervisor at work is really awesome. He bought us doughnuts earlier this week, he bought us Pizza for Lunch yesterday because it was someones last day working with us, and then today we all went to eat lunch at The Emerald Chinese Resturaunte and even though we had all intended on paying for ourselves, he picked up the $90+ bill and paid a good top also.

Oh yeah, and big news, Jadon lost a Tooth!! Then he lost another one!! WOO HOO, the tooth fairy gave him 6 quarters for each!

Talk to ya later!!