Saturday, April 5, 2008

Wanna hear about my date? :-)

My last blog feels like a lifetime ago, even though it was only a couple weeks. I feel like a lot has happened, and while the list is short, what has happened is a pretty big deal for a bashful divorcee like myself.

Before I get to the juicy stuff, let me mention some of the things going on. Football is going great, its really just a Parent/Kid activity night type of thing where you practice different things with the football. Im enjoying it, but its near the kids bedtime and is my least favorite activity at the moment.

The boys are both getting pretty good at both throwing and catching the football, which is awesome. We found out on thursday night that Jadon is a righty when it comes to throwing the ball, he is still a lefty for eating/writing and so on, but his right arm is literally twice as good at his left when it comes to sports lol.

Tristan finally started Soccer today, its little kids soccer, short practice once per week and no games, just activities with the other kids and the coach. He enjoyed himself. I would have started last weekend if it wasn't for the weather.

Jadon has gone through 3 weeks of Practice in Soccer now, he has an hour long practice every Monday and Wednesday and then he had his first soccer game TODAY. I dont think they won, but people weren't really keeping score, he did make an awesome goal though and got major props for it from both teams.

During Jadon's hour long soccer practices, Tristan and I practice other things, so far we throw the football around, sometimes we play a game where I am supposed to go and get him and knock him on the ground after he catches it, he likes that a lot. Other times we throw a baseball around, its easier now that I bought myself a mitt.

Jadon is my catcher so far, he is great at catching both the baseball and the football. Tristan is my thrower, I am still shocked over how well he can throw the baseball, Jadon tends to either be really accurate OR really powerful with his throws. We havent made the switch to his other hand yet with the baseball though, that may help. Tristan is really good with the football, and now that Jadon is throwing right handed with it, he is too!

Tristan turned the big 5 last weekend on March 30th! We are having his party tomorrow at Bumpers in the Moscow Mall at noon. It should be a lot of fun, I took a peak at the cake today and it is looking awesome! Carrie did a great job again, she made Jadon's Ben 10 cake for Jadon's birthday last year, her twins Xander and Bryson are in the Firebirds with Jadon and Tristan.

I think I had some other stuff I wanted to talk about, but I can't get this date off my mind.

I feel like I have come a long way since Nicole left me, I have changed a lot personally but it took some time. I met a girl in the end of 2006 that means a lot to me, but not in the way I thought. Even though she and I never officially started dating... well, it feels like she was my rebound. She kind of helped me learn how to move on, emotionally.

Anyway, back to the present. Just over a week ago I was messing around with this application on Facebook called "Owned!" and within just a few minutes I came across a really cute picture of this girl named Bre. I just had to tell her how cute I thought she was, so I did!

After checking out her Facebook and MySpace profiles, I was really interested in talking to Bre, so I messaged her on Facebook and within the hour we were sending messages back and forth on both MySpace and Facebook. It was a lot of fun!

Then we started text messaging each others phones and using MSN to chat online, then finally we spoke on the phone and she has a really pretty voice to match all of the words I've been reading. Sometime, fairly quick, last weekend I think, I asked her out on a date and she agreed! We planned it for last night.

I sent her flowers at her work the day before (on thursday) and then yesterday she and I went out to dinner at a mexican resturaunt and then we went to see the movie Leatherheads.

I had a lot of fun, but those of you who know me can probably picture just how nervous I was! But be proud of me, I did good, I tried to keep conversation going, I asked lots of questions, I wasn't nearly as bashful or quiet as I would have been in the past.

In the car after the movie we talked a little bit about a possible 2nd date, I walked her to her door and we hugged and said good night. It was very innocent, I had thought about kissing her, but it felt a little too soon, and I hope that is true, I hope it wasn't just me being overly nervous!

I am excited about the prospect of a 2nd date, we'll see how things go.

I think that is probably good for tonight, Ill probably be posting a blog about Tristan's party tomorrow night!


PS: I forgot, I had looked at all the pictures Bre has on MySpace and Facebook and she has a ton of cute pictures posted, but I wasn't as prepared to meet her in person as I thought I was, she was beautiful! Even if it does turn out to be just one date, I'm really happy I know Bre now and I hope we can get to know each other better. :-)

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