Saturday, March 1, 2008


Thanks for all the great comments!

I've got to say, I know its not over yet, we still have to go to court over Debt and Child Support. But I am just not concerned about that really. I want it to be over, I want to be divorced, but as far as all the stress that I have been feeling, all of the buildup and emotional strain... it feels gone. Ive had ups and downs, but even on my happiest days this custody battle was a dark shadow hanging over my head. Its gone, its done. I feel amazing.

That said, I am literally just waiting for a phone call and I will be moving into town. It could be in a week, it could be in a month, but once I get that call, its GO time. I cant wait to finally get my own place set up! I cant wait to finally sleep in my own bed again and cook with my own pots and pans! Eat on my own plates, sit at my own desk. I cant wait for my kids to finally have all their toys again. Ill finally be able to put my own pictures up on the wall, look through my own momentos. When holidays come around Ill be able to decorate my own place with my own decorations.

I own all of this stuff, aside from a few pieces of furniture that I need to buy, I am pretty much all set. There is just so much stuff that I haven't even seen for nearly 2 years, a majority of my stuff. Heck, my kids don't even fit the beds that are in storage!

Lots of birthdays in March. I am thinking about having a family portrait done and sending that out as presents. Regardless of using it as a gift, its something I have been wanting to do for awhile. I really want to find a good place to buy dress clothes for kids, I am not always happy with what I find in that regard and this area is particularly limited.

Sports start in just a few short weeks, so on the weekend before they start I am going to drive up to Bellingham. It will, unfortunatly, be a short trip. I want to make the trip up, but I've used so much of my Vacation and Sick time for Family Emergencies, Divorce and even sometimes being sick, that I need to just start saving it up so that I have plenty for next school year.

I just found out that the boys and I will be staying in our own Cabin right by where my soon to be ex sister-in-law's new house is. We are leaving right after I get off work at 2:30pm on Friday the 14th and then we will leave to come home Sunday afternoon on the 16th. I was thinking about renting a car for the trip too. Though, I want to keep the Pass in mind, if its still pretty bad then the trip may be off.

It would be nice to have a trip-buddy with me to help keep me awake and entertain me for the drive.

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