Sunday, March 23, 2008

I really do have a lot of excuses

I had a good easter, great really but I wasn't fully there to enjoy it. I felt a little off all day, kind of unhappy or grumpy, whatever you want to call it. I snapped a few times, but the boys and I had fun, each week that passes things get worse at home, its not time for me to move, its past due. I liken it to how a pregnant woman must feel when she is overdue to give birth, each day gets more and more uncomfortable and annoying and all you want to do is scream until it is time.

The boys were so excited about what the Easter Bunny brought for them today, they got some Lego Indiana Jones sets, some candy, money and Pokemon stuff! Then we spent most of the day at their Great Grandma's house in Clarkston and we had an Easter Egg Hunt with our cousin Brayden Dale!

I didn't want to come home very quickly tonight, most stores were closed though. I decided to check the theater and it was open so the boys and I watched Horton Hears a Who, which was awesome we all loved it. Then we got home just after their bedtime.

I said some things a couple blogs ago about feelings and such and it honestly is difficult. As much as I want to be with that particular girl and as strong as my feelings are, that is not what is keeping me from asking other girls out. It definitly is on my mind when I think of that though, but not the reason.

"Reason" is very loosly used here, excuse was more accurate from the title of the blog. Every possible excuse I can think of is used to discourage myself from asking girls out on dates. The latest one being "I dont want to get shot down in front of my kids" I though my friend was going to slap me.

We were in the Moscow Building Supply store and the cashier was really cute, probably in her early to mid twenties we were all talking a lot and when we got outside we were barely 10 feet from the door when my friend said I should have gotten her number, and that is exactly what I was thinking myself.

I am not desperate to be with just anyone, I guess I just wish I were more couragous in that regard. Im a good guy with good values, I try to be a great father and a fun person. But I doubt anyone will ever know at this rate.

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