Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I feel like I know you Dan

I watched the movie "Dan in Real Life" while I was in Bellingham, aside from being freakin hilarious, it was a really good movie. Our situations were totally different, his wife passed away, he is raising 3 daughters on his own and he seems to be bad with women. So I guess our situations aren't totally different, but definitly not anywhere near the same.

I felt a strange connection with his character though. I dont know what to say in this blog really, I just wanted to blog. I guess I'll just start rambling...

Jadon started Soccer yesterday, it went really well.. wait wait, back up reverse the tape...

I posted a bunch of new pictures on my Shutterfly account. You can view it by going here:

there are a ton of pictures up there if you havent been there yet, but if you have I just added 44 new photos. Many of them are of my sister Jen's new house and the view from there.

Anyway, back on track. Jadon started soccer (and there are pics from his first day on the shutterfly account... see the circles I create?) Anyway, it went really well, he is a lot more into it last year. They are teaching more about the sport this year anyway, the kids just kind of learn how to kick and pass the ball when they are little. He will have practice twice per week and then games on Saturdays. Tristan will start Soccer on Saturday and he is in the younger group like last year.

I can't wait for Flag Football to start up this thursday, it will be a lot of fun. Then Tee Ball in May.

Whoa, just thought of something else to say (hey, at this rate it will be a full fledged blog), we finalized the child support issue today!

Let me point out some issues. Nicole was ordered to start paying child support in May of 2007, it was backed up to when my divorce was filed in April and she actually started making payments in June. Part of the temporary child support order indicated that we should share the cost of Travel between parents and daycare based upon our wages. I ended up making 43% of the overall amount and Nicole 57%. So If I pay $100 in a month for Daycare in Pullman than Nicole is supposed to reimburse me $57. And on the flip side, if Nicole pays $100 for daycare in Phoenix than I am supposed to reimburse her $43.

Well, she started paying regularly, but the amount in Back Support she owed was nearly 2k and every month she paid over $30 less than how much she was supposed to. She was paying for all of the child support but only $9 towards daycare each month instead of $46 or so. So the amount she owed me kept growing and she never responded about paying it down.

Well, it got paid down allright. I am poor as hell and that does not bother me very much, more money just means I buy more shit and need a bigger place to put it, I do want to make enough money to not need assistance and live completely on my own without the need for the state or child support or anything, anyway, the point is that I qualify for daycare assitance and I NEED it if I want to use Daycare. Right now I pay $81 instead of approximatly $1200 per month.

My kids were down in Phoenix for 9 weeks last summer and my 43% of the daycare cost for those 9 weeks was over $900! That is more than when compared to my $81 per month for 11 months out of the year combined! Then the 2 week trip for christmas cost me over $700, $550 for my portion of the tickets and my portion of daycare for TWO WEEKS was around $150. 

This year I expect the overall cost to increase by another $500 at least, I am owing her enough money for this shit to negate 5 months worth of child support! The judge denied our request to use the state's minimum needs standard though, which would have limited the amount I pay her in any given month to around $600 or so Max.

She tried to get the child support amount lowered significantly, somewhat on the basis that she pays $120 or so per month to insure the boys, even though they are insured through the state (which I never applied for) and through my work for only $40, and my insurance is better, and it is good in Phoenix. While we are actually out of her network up here for her insurance, which means it will only ever be used in the 9 or so weeks out of the year that she has the boys, and even then mine would work.

Im tired and I think I lost the ability to keep this together coherently. Basically things didnt change much, She is paying about $20 less now which is fine and the percentages changed as well. I will be monitoring more closely where the kids go to daycare in phoenix and do reasearch of my own on Daycares down there. Also I will be trying to make all the arrangements for travel on my own for when the boys go down there.

Even though 'Eric' travels all the time, apparently they are still stupid as hell when it comes to planning it. They wait until the last minute, even when I prompt them repeatedly to make the plans as early as possible and it ends up costing ME a hell of a lot more because they are fucktards.

The one thing that really did change is that Nicole will no longer be 'paying' for child support, at my request it is now going to be 'taken' right out of her paychecks, we still have to work with each other when it comes to reimbursing each other for travel and daycare costs, but the child support and also the reamaining back support balance will all be handled by Support Enforcement now.

Now I just need to try and get all the info they need for the debt resolution, which has already been agreed upon. So once Ive done the leg work then we can finally finally get my divorce finalized.

Oh and there was a power outage that happened while we were doing the phone hearing with the judge. Im going to become a certified trainer at my work, which is great as Ive been training people on the job since 1998. I think there was more, oh yeah:

After our recent car trip I have made die hard 'Muse' fans out of my boys. I like Muse more and more every day. They are freaking Awesome.

PS: as a sidenote followup or what not to my last blog, I didnt actually expect a response from the girl in question, but I did get one and it was reasonable. I still dont know how to get past her, if I even wanted to, but there is nothing for me to do but try or let time sort it out.

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