Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Happy Birthday to my Mom

Today is my mom's birthday, she turned 48. We celebrated on Sunday, a little family get together, it was fun. She and I got our asses handed to us in a game of Pinocle, my Grandma and Great Grandma dominated.

Tommarow is little Gabriel's first birthday! I can't believe my best friends second born is already getting so big. God I love that little munchkin, he makes me miss having a little baby around the house. Sometimes it can be frustrating, but everything from sleeping, getting dressed, taking a bath, taking a drive, eating a meal, its all a daily adventure, I can't really describe how awesome it is to have a baby.

I can tell you though, that watching those beautiful little babies grow up is second to nothing in my life. They are People now, individuals. Distinct. Unique. Its amazing.

Tristan's birthday is coming up very quickly, he is going to be 5 years old! That will also signal when Jadon becomes 6 1/2, though unlike other kids they haven't really started using the 1/2 phrase at the end of their ages yet. I am intending on holding his party at the Bumpers Arcade on Sunday the 30th, hopefully we can get lots of his friends from the Firebirds there.

All of these birthdays made me realize just how old I am going to be this year. 28. Wow. I've never sat down and thought about my age before, never been bothered by it. Now seems different somehow, 28 seems really old to me. I have two kids that are going to both be in elementary school next year, I have a receding hairline, I have a divorce, I don't feel as young as I used to.

I am certainly not old though, hell I am not even sure if I have hit my prime yet. I think part of my 'feeling old' is not having someone special to share my life with. Sure, I talk about having more babies, but more than that I would want someone to share that with.

Yearning aside, I am not sure what to think or do about my Grandfather. I love him so much, but his situation changes with each passing week. His Alzihimers/Dementia gets more and more severe. Just a couple weeks ago the doctor told us that he is not to be allowed around children anymore without complete supervision. We were already operating under these circumstances, but hearing it from his doctor made it even more real.

His health and memory are getting worse as well. Already all of the knives, keys and money are hidden. My grandma will have to start hiding all her valuables now as well, my Grandpa has a girlfriend that he likes to give her Jewelry too. He talks a lot dirtier now as well.

Things got much worse just last week when my Grandma couldn't find my Grandpa and it turns out he had gotten a ride to my Uncle's Bistro, my Uncle got down there as fast as he could and my Grandpa told him he was leaving my Grandma, he said some pretty mean things too. All my Grandma did was find a note that said he wanted a divorce and that he was going to go live with his girfriend (and then it got a little graphic). My grandma understands the situation, but she said the note just broke her heart to read.

Anyway, I better sign off for now. Its getting late and I've got a slight cold to contend with, mornings are always the worst. Will be renting a car this weekend to drive to Bellingham still. I am planning on leaving at 4pm Pacific Standard Time and hopefully arriving in Bellingham no later than Midnight that same night. The boys will sleep for more than half the drive, I had a car trip buddy with me the last two times I went across the state and those car trips were a ton of fun. I miss her.

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