Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I've got a Screamer!


First off I would like to mention that Jadon's back ached for a couple days (with a little embellishment on his part), but ultimately he was feeling better in no time!

I can't recall if I have mentioned this in the past (what?? am I supposed to read my own blog???), but Jadon has been having some social problems in school this year. He is in Kindergarten and he goes to daycare with several people from his class as well, so several of them spend all day together.

There are issues with him and his friends being distracted a lot, disobeying rules sometimes together, but mostly they argue and get in each others faces and sometimes even resolve their issues by hitting each other. Its gotten worse lately and both their kindergarten teacher and their daycare teacher have been raising the red flag and making sure we know that it has been escalating.

Well, I decided that this was an issue that trancends either location obviously and apparently his friend's moms had similar thoughts. So I gave Stacey (Jadon's Daycare teacher, Tristan's Pre-School teacher) permission to give them my phone number. At the end of last week I spoke with both of them and we made plans to get together on Sunday.

It went really well, all 3 of us brought our kids to McDonalds to eat and let them play while we talk about the situation. We decided that the issue is that the boys, while they are all good friends, just don't know how to properly communicate with a friend. So we set out to work on that, and we all expressed interest in making these meetings regular so that we could all observe our little group of friends interact and also address these issues together.

We all agreed that the daycare is handling the situation well, they have extra teachers coming in to observe the situation and make sugguestions on things that can be changed or improved in the classroom to help our boys out. I hadn't had this issue, to my knowledge, but neither of them seemed very happy with Ms. Brown, the kindergarten teacher. Jadon's friends Andy and Micah have apparently both expressed that they don't think she likes them very much. I guess she turns the light off to quite the class pretty often and makes the class put their heads on the table frequently.

Despite that, I had a really good feeling about our meeting and I am hoping to get together again this Sunday and take all our boys out bowling. It was nice to talk to them, they are both single moms (well, one or both of them might be dating, but single parents I mean) and even though all our situations are completely different, we have three great kids that are friends.

Today Jadon had to get one last shot, and yes this is in reference to the title of the blog. Tristan can sit down and get 4 shots, 2 in each arm, and not shed a single tear or make a single sound. He just gives me a hug and says "did I do good daddy?", Jadon on the other hand freaks out. And it literally gets worse EVERY SINGLE TIME! Meaning that today was by far the worst. He reacted more to the single shot than the 3 he had to get last time he went.

I could barely hold him still, it was like he was having convulsions or something. I finally got one arm locked down and both his legs immobile when the nurse immobolized the arm she was going to put a shot in, then a second later it was over. He walked like he was about to crap his pants for awhile, refused to let me touch him and he cried for almost an hour! I miss when he was a baby and shots put him to sleep with no other side effects!!

The boys got their sports shirts from Parks & Rec today! Im super excited! I think I still have one of mine from when I was a kid, they were green and white reversible shirts then, now they use Blue and White. The boys both start Flag Football and Soccer in March and Tee Ball starts when those both end, at the end of April or beginning of May.

Their favorite sport last spring was basketball, but for some reason basketball wasn't available for Jadon. So I went with Soccer again for both of them. I think one or two of Jadon's friends will be in some of the sports with him, I think he will be pretty excited about that.

Just another 9 days and we find out if we can get these settlement offers enforced. I haven't talked to Nicole at all since the day she fired her lawyer. She has tried to call a couple times today and yesterday, but the boys keep missing her call, they havent heard from her since Valentines Day and at the time only one of the boys spoke with her anyway (I think Tristan).

As a closing note I would just like to mention how proud of Jadon I am. His homework tonight was to write a sentence that answers the question "If you had $100, what would you spend it on" and you can really tell just how much he has learned so far this year, he could barely write his letters and now he can write them all, sound them out, read small words, write a sentence. I was honestly welling up a little.

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