Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Well, this is my 2nd Valentines day since this all began. I've been single for 23 months now and technically I haven't been on a single official date yet. Im kind of tired of this situation actually, trying not to hurry. 

I've struck out so far, now I just need to figure out how to meet people. I'm not overly social with people I don't know.

Well, I got my car back today, better than its looked in 3 years!

Last night as Jadon was buckling himself up after daycare he pulled a muscle in his back! He was in quite a bit of pain, I took him in to see his Doctor, we made sure it wasn't some kind of urinary tract infection or anything and that is when the doctor indicated it may be a pulled muscle.

Anyway, the point of the conversation is that while I was at the Doctor's Office, Nicole called me. I said we were at the doctors office and the boys couldn't talk and when I was about to say why we were there she just hung up without a word.

Then I was suprised by her not sending the boys Valentines Day cards, she did call them, and after Tristan was done talking to her he handed me back the phone, I said "Nicole..." as if I was about to say more when she suddenly said "OK, Bye". She didnt hang up right away this time, but I was a little put off so without another word I went ahead and hung up on my end.

So she still doesn't know about the pulled muscle and I no longer feel compelled to inform her of it.

In that vein of thought, Beth has scheduled our hearing for February 28th! It seems long to me, but I think even just 1 week would feel like forever right now. So 2 weeks should be no problem.

Once again, I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day, esspecially you ladies! 

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