Saturday, February 9, 2008

Feeling Great

I can't tell you how good I am feeling right now. I went over my Testimony with my lawyer yesterday and I was totally nervous about it. Its going to be really weird going over everything like that with an Audience. I felt kind of sick to my stomach, but I am sure I will be calm and collected come Tuesday.

Maybe facing it like that was the best 'medicine' because I am feeling great today! This day is tied for the closest I have ever been to divorce. Last time my trial was cancelled 3 days prior to the date of the trial, and today is 3 days before the new date. Tommarow I will be closer than I have ever been to Divorce!

Its going to happen this time, Nicole is flying in late Monday night (and flying out mid day Thursday).

As described in a previous blog, I felt this good 3 days before the last date. Perhaps it is the calm before the storm? I would probably stutter and shake and throw up before a boxing match, but put me in that Ring and you will get Passion and Determination from me at the very least.

Im going to head down and go shopping for some new clothes for the boys and then have dinner with my grandparents tonight. Spend the night there and then head down to my Uncle's Bistro for Braydon's 2nd birthday party!

At the moment though I am going to go over my friend's new business plan.

Have a Great Weekend!

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